Tekonsha T-One Vehicle Wiring Harness Installation - 2018 Chevrolet Express Van

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How to Install the Tekonsha T-One Vehicle Wiring Harness on a 2018 Chevrolet Express Van

Ryan: Rob here at etrailer.com. And today we're going to be taking a look at the Tekonsha T-One vehicle wiring harness on our 2018 Chevrolet express van. Now, our Tekonsha wiring is able provide us with a four-pole flat trailer connector, that way we can have all the lights to get down the road safely and legally. It's going to give us our tail lights, our turn signals and our brake lights. Now it is going to have a dust cover to keep all that dirt, debris, moisture, and anything else out of the connections. But our wiring is actually designed to stay on the inside until we're ready to use it.We open up our rear doors.

We can see our wiring is just going to be right on the inside of where our tail lights are. And since we have a work van, a lot of our wires are exposed, we're just going to make it really easy to install. We'll have our connectors here instead of a simple T connector that will plug in on the driver's side, as well as the passenger side. And then we can just dropout or full pull wire whenever we want to hook it up and tow a trailer.Now, a lot of our customers do ask us if there's a way to mount the wiring on the outside. Cause a lot of us would rather have our wiring down right next to our hitch.

That way, once we hook up the coupler, we can just plug in our wiring and we're ready to go. Well, we found the easiest way to do that is if you come out right where you would drop it down, there's a nice little gap in between the bumper and the body here, can actually feed your wire down, tie it up and mount it to your hitch. Now I do suggest using a four-pole bracket. Gives it a nice clean look and everything will be nice and secure on your hitch. And again, those are going to be sold separately, but you can find all those mounting brackets here at etrailer.com.If you're going to be towing a trailer and it is going to be a little bit heavier.

Our four-pole wiring is going to be a great start, but I suggest upgrading to a seven-pole, that way we have all of our light functions as well as a brake control function and a 12 volt power source at the back. But now that we've seen what our wiring looks like and gone over some of the features, let's walk through the installation together.In the beginning of the installation we want to open up the doors in our van. And at the very back here, we're going to have this classic threshold plate. We have to pull that up, so we can just grab one of the corners. We'll start working our way towards the center, lifting up.

You want to hear there're some clips under there that will release as we go along. Working our way across. And we'll just keep going until we can get the whole panel out.We'll set the panel aside.Now we'll move to the inside of her van. Now our van is a work van, so we don't have any of those trim panels or anything on there. If you do, we need to pull those panels off so we can get access to the taillight connector. Now in our case, again, it's a work van. So if we just look at the back of the wall here, you can see that this wiring is going to go directly to the back of the taillight. So we know this is the correct plug. And a little orange tab on there, you want to flip it up and remove it, we'll push in on the black tab and separate the two connectors.Now our new harness is going to have two plugs that are going to match that. So I want to match up the female with the male, plug them in. Make sure they lock into place, plug in the other one, and put back our orange little keeper tab, make sure the connectors don't come apart. And also in your kit, since they know that we're going to have a second connector, they do provide us with another locking tab. Slide it the same way. Slide it in from the top and make sure it locks down. Now, if we follow our four-pole wire over, we'll find a green wire. That's going to have the same connector on it. We went around this, underneath where our threshold plate was and we'll round it up to the passenger side and we're going to connect the same way over there.Now we're also going to have a white wire over in the driver's side that is a range from align, this isn't our ground. And fortunately for us, we actually have a factory ground right next to our driver's side taillight connection. So we have a 10 millimeter socket. We'll pull out the bolt, holding that ground in place.We'll take the bolt, we'll go through our ring terminal. Make sure you put the other factory ground back in place. Then we'll just throw the bolt back in.Now we can just take our threshold panel. We want to make sure that we get our wire underneath there, but it doesn't interfere with the clips. And we can just put the panel, line it back up, push it back onto the clips, make sure everything gets tucked away.Now the final step is going to be plugging in our wiring to a tester. You can use your trailer at home if you don't have a tester. You just want to make sure that all the lights are working properly.So if I turn on my headlights, we can see my tail light function is working. So is was my left turn signal, my right turn signal. And my brakes. All we have left to do now is hook up to our trailer and hit the road..

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