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Curt T-Connector Vehicle Wiring Harness Installation - 2018 Jeep JL Wrangler Unlimited

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How to Install the Curt T-Connector Vehicle Wiring Harness on a 2018 Jeep JL Wrangler Unlimited

Speaker 1: Today on our 2018 Jeep JL Wrangler Unlimited, you're gonna be taking a look at and I'm gonna show you how to install the Curt T connector vehicle wiring harness with four pole flat trailer connector, part number C56407. This is what our wiring looks like when it's installed. This is gonna give us all of the proper lighting functions to safely tow our trailer down the road. It's gonna give us both turn signals, our running lights and our brake lights. It's gonna come with an included dust cap that's gonna help keep all of our connections clean from any dirt and debris. This particular hitch has a welded on bracket on it.

If your hitch does not, you can use your dust cap as a holder when you're not using your plug. That'll help keep it off the ground, help keep it from hanging down. Your hitch does have this bracket. You can use a four pole bracket, which is sold separately. But you can find it here at

It'll mount right to that bracket and that'll give your plug a more permanent mounting location.If you do not have this welded on bracket, along with this four pole bracket, you will need a no drill mounting bracket. It's gonna be a long bracket and how that works is it's just a long bracket that'll mount right to the bottom of your hitch. It has a clamp that comes with it. It'll stick out and then this will mount right to it. That'll give your four pole, again, a more permanent mounting location.

Now that we've gone over some of the features of our four pole wiring, let's show you how to get it installed. You're gonna have your power wire that's gonna run from the back of your vehicle or from your converter box to your battery in the front. You're gonna have your fuse holder that's gonna mount on the end of your wire in between your battery and your connection. You're gonna have your wiring harness, which is gonna plug directly into your factory wiring. You're gonna have your power wire coming off your converter box, which gets connected to your wire inaudible 00:02:01 extension to run to your battery and you have your grounds.You have your four pole plug, which is gonna give you all your functions to the trailer or whatever it is you're pulling.

Another thing that's really good about this box is your wires come in the back. They all come in one side. They connect to your circuit board in here. Well, this potting material right here fills up this hole inside. So what that does is it really breaks down on any vibration that that connection or the connections to your wires make on the circuit board take. If this box happens to come loose, that potting material in there is gonna really hold those connections onto that circuit board really well. So that's a really good about this box, unlike some of the other ones out where the wires come in both sides. So with that, you're also gonna get the little installation kit, ring terminal, your fuse, a couple of butt connectors. One thing I do want to say about the butt connector's, though, because this is gonna be outside of the vehicle, I recommend changing those out for heat shrink butt connectors. You can find those here at using part number DW05745.Now that we've gone over some of the features, let me show you how to get it installed. First thing we need to do is we need to remove our taillights. In order to do that, you're gonna come inside the vehicle, the back of the vehicle. You're gonna have a little access panel right up here. Take a little screwdriver. You can see that little notch there. Pop that off. Take a 10 millimeter socket. You're gonna take off that spring bolt in there or spring loaded bolt there. Once you get that off, you're just gonna pop your light out like that. Red tab, pull up on it. You're gonna push down on this black tab here then pull it apart. You're gonna do that same thing to the other side of the vehicle. Here on our driver's side, we're gonna take our green or the plug with the green wire and our four pole plug. We're gonna go right back in the taillight pocket. There's a hole that goes right down to the outside of the vehicle. I'm gonna go ahead and push those down and through there. We're gonna have some two sided sticky tape.We're gonna stick it right back on our converter box here. I'll take this and I'm gonna stick it right down in the bottom. There's a big flat spot down there. Now we're gonna make our connection to our factory wiring. One thing I suggest doing is using a little bit of dielectric grease. It's gonna protect all your connections from any moisture or corroding. Don't forget your red tab and then we'll do the same when we put our light back on. We're gonna do a couple other things here first. We're gonna go ahead and make our connection to our power wire that's gonna be running up to the front and then we'll take it, hooking it onto the black wire from our converter box. Then we'll take our heat source and we'll shrink up our butt connector. Now we'll take our self tapping screw. Our ground wire just needs to be grounded to metal. I'm gonna ground it right here along this inside body panel here. Now we can install or reinstall our taillight. Push it in until it snaps. Make sure you push the red tab back in.Then we'll reinstall our spring screw or spring bolt, however you want to look at it. Now we're gonna route our green wire and our four pole. Four pole, we're gonna stop right here. Green wire, we're gonna route all the way across to the passenger's side. What we needed to do is take an 11 millimeter socket. You're gonna have two aluminum nuts here on the end of your heat shield. Go ahead and pull those off and then slightly pull down on your heat shield. Take your green wire. Run it over the top of your frame rail and right above your heat shield over to the other side. Then all we need to do here on our passenger side is make our wire connectors on our plugs. Now we're gonna route our power wire up to the front of our vehicle. Keep in mind, our battery is on the passenger side here. So we want to make sure however we decide to route it, we're giving ourself enough wire to make our connection onto our battery. Let me get this done real quick and I'll show you how I did it.So the way I ran my power wire, I ran it the same way I did my green wire that ran over to my passenger side, over the top of my heat shield and what I did is I went through the frame rail. You can see this hole here. I took an airline tube. If you don't have any, you can find some here at It works great for running stuff like this. There's holes that run all the way down the frame rail. I just ran my airline tube through the holes as I walked it up to the front of the vehicle and came out of this hole. I have an airline tube down from my battery, which is hanging right here. Again, this particular one has dual exhaust. So you want to make sure you stay away from heat or anything moving. Take your wire. Put it in the end of your airline tube. That will go up top. Pull our airline tube up into a little inaudible 00:08:08. Once you pull it up, just double check to make sure you're not snagged on anything down there.Then we're just gonna connect it right onto that post there. So I routed my wire around my fuse box here, zip tied it right here to this wire. This way, I can hide my fuse holder right down in between my battery and my fuse panel here or fuse box. So we'll go head and cut this down inaudible 00:08:40 shrink butt connector. Take one end of our fuse holder. Ring terminal on the other end. Then once we make our connection to our battery, we'll put in our fuse. Take a 10 millimeter socket. Go ahead and loosen your nut. Put that on and replace the nut. Go ahead and put your fuse in. Take your wire. You can tuck it right on like that. Now we'll test out our wiring using part number I26. Left turn. Right turn. Brake lights. Running lights and that'll do it for the look at and installation on the Curt T connector vehicle wiring harness with four pole flat trailer connector, part number C56407 on our 2018 Jeep JL Wrangler Unlimited.

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