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Curt T-Connector Vehicle Wiring Harness Installation - 2018 Volkswagen Golf

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How to Install a Curt T-Connector Vehicle Wiring Harness on a 2018 Volkswagen Golf

Today on our 2018 Volkswagen Golf GTI, we're going to be taking a look at, and I'm going to show you how to install, the Curt T-Connector Vehicle Wiring Harness with Four-Pole Flat Trailer Connection. This is what our wiring looks like when it's installed. This wiring is designed to live inside the vehicle. When you're ready to use it, simply lay it over this rubber seal. Stay away from any connection points, then we close our hatch. Hook it up to our trailer, bike rack, whatever we have, then we're ready to go.When you're not using it, you can simply fold it up, and store it right down by your spare tire, out of the way.

It's going to give us all the proper lighting functions to safely tow a trailer. It's going to give us both turn signals, our running lights, and our brake lights. It's also go to come with a nice dust cap to help protect our connections from any dirt and debris, if we happen to attach it outside and not put it back in after we're done using it. The nice thing about this wiring kit is it's going to have a converter box on it. What the converter box does, it protects any of your factory wiring on your vehicle from any back feed, if there's a wiring issue with whatever you are hauling.As far as the installation goes with this wiring, it's pretty straightforward.

It's going to connect directly into your factory wiring harnesses you've got right behind your taillights. You're going to run a power wire up to the front to the battery, pretty simple installation.Now that we've gone over some of the features, let me show you how to get it installed. First, we need to remove our cargo floor. Take a T-20 torque spit, we're going to fastener right in the side, here, on each side of the vehicle. We'll take a T-27 torque spit, we're going to have a fastener here.

We're going to have fastener, same place, on the opposite side. Go ahead and remove those. Need to remove our rear scup panel. We're just going to pull up on it, like that. Now we need to slowly pull out this panel, like that, just like that.

Take a trim panel tool, remove these two push-pin fasteners. That will get us access to our wiring, right here.We're going to start on our driver's side, push up that red tab. You're going to push, right here, on this brown tab. You're going to separate your two connectors on your wiring harness. You're just going to match the plugs. Push the red tab in, same thing here, red tab in. Get this tucked in back here. Take the green wire, we're going to route it across here, and over to our passenger side and connect it to the wire on that side. Now we'll take the adhesive strip we got in our kit, and we're going to stick it to the back of our converter box. Peel off the other side, and I found a location to mount it, right here. It's flat, just like that, push this in.Get all this tucked in back behind the panel. Have our ground wire, it needs to be on metal somewhere. Take your included, self-tapping screw. Next, we're going to take our power wire from our box, put on a butt connector, and we'll take our power wire that comes in our kit, put it on the other end, just like that. Now we need to route this outside the vehicle and up to the front. There's a grommet, right here, poke a hole in the center, you can push your wire through it. Once you have your wires bundled up, you can go ahead and reinstall your remaining hardware, get your panels back in place.As far as running my power wire to the front of the vehicle, I went over top of my heat shield, right here. You want to make sure we're staying away from anything hot or moving. Over top of my axle, zip tied it right to this hard line, took a 10 millimeter socket, loosened these three nuts, here, pulled down the side of this panel, ran my wire right underneath, went across, came out right here. We have and air line tube, you can use a piece of wire, find it close to your battery, run it down next to the firewall, and then take your wire, attach it to it. Then you can pull it back up and it will pull your wire up to your battery.I would double-check to make sure that you're not snagged on anything before you do any cutting or splicing. Next, we're going to take our wire, pretty much, route it however you want. I'm going to go around this way. I'm going to cut it, right here. Let's trim this back, add a butt connector. Take your fuse holder, cut it in half, strip both ends, put a ring terminal on one of them. Put the other end into the butt connector. Take some electrical tape and I'm going to cover that up.Take a 10 millimeter socket, we're going to loosen a nut. That nut is not made to come off all the way. So, what we're going to do is we're going to cut a little spot out of our ring terminal. Put it right around, like this, tighten it back down. Once we've got it tight, we can add our fuse. Put on your cap. Ready to test it out, make sure everything is working correctly. Brake lights, left turn, right turn, running lights.That will do it for a look at, and installation, on the Curt T-Connector Vehicle Wiring Harness with Four-Pole Flat Trailer Connector on our 2018 Volkswagen Golf GTI.

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