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Hopkins Trailer Wiring Harness Installation - 2020 Chevrolet Colorado

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How to Install the Hopkins Trailer Wiring Harness on a 2020 Chevrolet Colorado

Hi there, Colorado owners. Today in your 2020 Chevrolet Colorado, we're going to be taking a look at and showing you how to install the Hopkins seven and four pole wiring connector with harness. This is going to make a great replacement harness if you have a damaged connector here at the back on your Colorado. You can easily replace your factory wiring, but it also allows you to add wiring to your Colorado as many Colorado's come with factory wiring pre-attached to the frame underneath and they'll just have a dummy plug here where it's just a cover that doesn't have any openings. Those can pop out and this will insert directly into that, and then you can use the included harness to wire it right up to that factory connector.What I like about this is that you get both a seven and a four pole connector, so regardless of which type your trailer has you've got accommodations for both. It allows you to use your factory wiring, so unlike some of the other harnesses out there, you don't have to tap into any of the circuits.

Those circuits are already there and they are just inaudible 00:00:55 to there at the end ready for you to connect your wires directly to them.Your four pole is going to have all of your lighting, which includes your left turn signal, right turn signal, tail lamps and brake lamps. Your seven pole will have those as well, but it'll also have accommodations to hook up for reverse light circuits as well as adding a brake controller to your vehicle. We don't have a brake controller on our vehicle here, but it's nice to have all that wired in so you can just quickly add one there at the front of the vehicle. And it's also got a power for auxiliary power, which will allow you to charge your battery in your trailer.It's a quick and easy installation since it does just plug right in here. And you've got a new harness and everything, so it comes with everything you need to repair a damaged connector on the other side as well.

You also get everything you need to hook it up. Now, I do recommend upgrading from the included hardware to heat shrink butt connectors so that way all of the circuits that you are going to spend the time fixing down there last a much longer time than with regular butt connectors.Now, let's go over the installation together so you have the confidence to do it at home. We'll begin our installation underneath the vehicle on the driver's side. You'll want to locate your factory wiring, which is going to be down the frame rail here at the back. You'll see all these wires that have heat shrink on the ends.

These are the wires we're going to be using and you can see there is a clip here that holds it onto the frame. We're just going to use our flat bladed screwdriver to pop that off. This will just make working with the wires a lot easier. You'll see all the ends down here. We'll need to cut all those off, but we'll also take some of this sheathing back here just to make it easier to access.We really just need to get to the wires so we don't need to take the sheeting off too far, just enough to where you can easily work with the wiring, so that's really probably good enough right there.

We can just push that up. All these black things we'll cut off . And once you've cut off each of these, every wire that we're working with here that we're cutting off, we're going to strip back those wires as well . There will be a total of seven wires that we're working with here. Once you've got all the wires in your vehicle, stripped back, take your new harness and strip back each of the wires on the new harness.We can now start making our connections. Now, this is the hardware you're going to receive in your kit. You are going to get some butt connectors and a ring terminal for the round, but we're not going to be using these as they are regular butt connectors. We're going to be upgrading to heat shrink butt connectors as this will seal down and prevent any moisture from entering into our connection point, ensuring a long lasting connection. And we don't need a ring terminal for our ground wire since it's going to hook to our factory ground wire up there. So, if you want to get those, you can pick those up here at when you purchase your wiring kit.So, now I'm going to go ahead and crimp on the heat shrink butt connectors to each one of our new harness that we stripped back. We can now start making our connections. Now, some of the wires here are going to match up color to color and some are not. We're going to start by hooking up our ground wire, which is the white wire off of our new harness. That's going to hook to the black wire on your vehicle here . We're going to hook the black wire from our new harness to the orange wire . from our factory harness. This is going to be our 12 volt power, so you do want to keep in mind that's going to be live when you're working with it . Next we're going to hook up the yellow wire from our new harness, which is going to connect to the gray wire on our factory harness . Separate those out. That's a turn signal wire. Next we're going to hook up the red wire, which will connect to our yellow wire on our vehicle. It's also a turn signal wire. The rest of our wire colors are just going to match up color for color, so we're going to go blue to blue, green to green, and brown to brown, which is going to be your remaining lighting circuits as well as your brake circuit.Now that we've finished making all of our connections. We can use our heat gun to shrink down all of the heat shrink butt connectors.Now, this is our new connector in here. It does come with a bracket so you can mount it underneath your hitch or however you want, but we don't even need it on our Colorado here because we have a factory knockout right here. You'll see the clips located here on the back of our new connector. Those clips are also found on the backside of this, so we're just going to squeeze those clips and then push this out . and then we'll take our new connector here and it just pushes right in to where our factory one was. We want to make sure we got the connector here at the top . And it just clicks into place.We're now ready to plug our connector in and we're all done, but I highly recommend using some dielectric grease in the end here. If you need some, you can pick some up here at This is just going to help keep out corrosion from building up inside of our connector, ensuring a long lasting operation. I also recommend taking your excess wiring and wrapping that up and then zip tying it in place. If you need some zip ties, those can also be purchased here at We'll then take our connector end and just plug it right into the back of our new connector that we insert at the back of the vehicle. Just make sure you get it all the way in . There. We can't pull it back out and we'll push in on the lock tab there . and our installation is now complete. We can plug in our trailer and test everything out.Now, we don't have a brake controller or anything like that installed, so we're just going to be checking the lighting circuits. But you want to make sure you have your left turn signal, right turn signal, tail lamps, and break lamps. The rest of your circuits will require the appropriate things connected to it, but if you've got all those, you can check those as well. And that completes our installation of Hopkins seven and four pole wiring connector with harness on our 2020 Chevrolet Colorado.

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