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Tekonsha T-One Vehicle Wiring Harness Installation - 2021 Chevrolet Traverse

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How to Install the Tekonsha T-One Vehicle Wiring Harness on a 2021 Chevrolet Traverse

Hi, there Chevy owners. Today, on your 2021 Chevrolet Traverse, we're gonna be taking a look at and showing you how to install Tekonsha's seven-way vehicle wiring harness. Now, this is what our wiring looks like when it's installed. You'll get a seven-way connector at the back of your vehicle, and with the custom-fit harness, it just simply plugs into your vehicle, so we don't have to do any modifications to the vehicle to get it installed. It's gonna provide you with all of your necessary lighting signals, which includes your left turn signal, right turn signal, tail lamps, and brake lamps. That'll keep you DOT compliant in all states if you're not hauling a trailer with any brakes.

There is also a brake output on here, so if you have a brake controller installed, you've got your output to be able to go to your trailer so this will give you the ability to haul a trailer that has brakes. It also has a reverse circuit, so when you back up, if you've got backup lights on your trailer, it'll light those up, Or if your had maybe like a boat trailer with surge brakes, that can act as a lockout, so you can easily get that into the water, so you can get your boat in and out. Lastly, we also have a charge line on here. So that way, if our trailer has any kind of batteries on it, or maybe it has a power jack, you can power the jack off of that circuit, and you can also charge up those batteries. The seven-way connector included with the harness has a spring-loaded cover to help keep out dirt, debris, and moisture and inside, we've got a rubber seal in here as well, that really helps keep that nice and clean, so you can have a properly functioning seven-way for many years to come.

When installing your hitch on your Traverse, you have to remove the back fascia. This is the connector for our wiring right here. So you can see it's a lot easier to access this connector when you've got that back fascia off, so if you're putting a hitch on your vehicle, I highly recommend at that point, to go ahead and install your wiring as well, it's gonna be a lot easier. It can be installed with the fascia on, by just reaching up underneath, and we're gonna show you kind of the area you're gonna wanna to reach up, to be able to access the connector if you've already got a hitch on there and you're wanting to install wiring. But if you're putting a hitch on, you should go ahead and add wiring to your cart now to save you the frustration in the future of trying to reach up here and get that connector.

We'll begin our installation here at the back of the vehicle. Our connector's located behind the bumper, right at about this location on the corner here on the driver's side. We're now underneath the vehicle and we're looking up the bumper, in case you've, maybe you've already had a hitch on there for a while and you just are adding the wiring later. You don't want to take this fascia off. This is our wiring harness right here, and the connector is actually right here as well.

It's clipped right into the back of the vehicle. So what we can do is take a trim panel tool up in here. We'll get behind our clip and we're just gonna pop it out of there. You got that popped off of there now, so we can pull it down and now you can more easily see the connector. There's a dummy plug, located in the connector, that just protects our pins and everything, making sure that it's gonna be nice and clean for us when we're ready for it. We're gonna remove the lock tab back, and then we can press on the release tab now and pull the dummy plug off. We'll now take our harness, this is just gonna plug into that connector. I'm gonna route it from the center over. So we're just going across here, just to get it routed over towards our connector. And so now that we're over here by our connector, we can go ahead and plug it into the connector. We'll just line it up, plug those two pieces together. And then if you want to, we can go ahead and take the connector and push that, the little tab right here that we had pried off. We can push that back in place to hold our connector back up in there. We can then plug in our seven-way connector. We're gonna be mounting it to a seven-way bracket on our hitch here. If you need seven-way brackets, you can get those here at etrailer. You'll get your hardware that you'll actually use to attach the connector with included with the bracket. This hitch had a mounting location on it, so we we're able to attach it directly to it, but not all hitches have a mounting location. If your hitch doesn't, you can get no-drill brackets here at etrailer to add a mounting location to your hitch without having to perform any modifications. So we're just gonna slide our connector through there. We're gonna plug it in to our seven-way, make sure that it gets all the way in there and clicks. And then we'll use the hardware that came included with our bracket to get it secured. I've gone ahead and plugged in a tester at the back, 'cause we wanna make sure that everything's working properly. I recommend a tester like this over plugging it into your trailer, 'cause if you have any faults on your trailer, it may not work properly because of those faults, and you're thinking that you have an issue with your vehicle, but it's actually your trailer. A tester like this will help verify that your vehicle is working properly. We've plugged it in and you can first see that we've got a light lit up and that is for our charge circuit. So that's lit up. You also wanna make sure you have your tail lights, left turn signal, right turn signal, brake lights and reverse. And that completes our installation of Tekonsha's seven-way vehicle wiring harness on our 2021 Chevrolet Traverse..

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