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Trailer Wiring Harness Installation - 2005 Ford F-350

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How to Install a Trailer Wiring Harness on a 2005 Ford F-350

Today, on our 2005 Ford F350 Super Duty Crew Cab, we're going to be installing the Bargman 5th-wheel and gooseneck 90-degree wiring harness with a 7 pole and a 9 foot long lead. Part number 50-97-410. This vehicle does already have a 7 way gooseneck and 5th-wheel wiring but we're going to be replacing it with a new Bargman 7-way 5th-wheel gooseneck wiring. First remove the existing wiring that's already in place so that we can install our new wiring harness. I moved up here to the bed of the truck and as you can see there is already an existing 7-way plug in the bed that's part of the wiring we just undid underneath. This right here is what we'll be removing. Remove a couple screws that hold it in place. The new Bargman gooseneck 5th wheel wiring will actually tie in with the factory wiring and will allow you to use the 7-way down at the bumper as well as the new 7-way plug that will be mounted up here in the bed.

Since that wiring was already installed in the vehicle we already do have a hole drilled in our bed. If you did not have any existing wiring in, you would need to drill the hole as per the instructions to install your new wiring harness. Now we're ready to go ahead and begin our installation of the new harness. Right here you'll notice is the hole that we removed the existing wiring from. Again, if you didn't have any you would need to go ahead and drill a hole in the bed. On these Ford beds, it has these 3 little ribs and these do work really well for mounting the wiring harness into.

It gives you plenty of room behind it so you don't run into the outer part of the fender. Let's go over a couple of things on our wiring harness itself. If for some reason there is a tight clearance, it does come with this spacer block and it just slides over, just like that. This would go on the inside of the bed and you'd get a little more than a quarter inch of additional spacing if there's not enough clearance between the edge of your outer bed wall where you choose to drill the hole. It also comes with 4 self-tapping screws to attach your 7-way plug to the bed itself. As you can see, the hole that was previously in our bed is just not quite big enough to allow the wiring harness to fit through. We're going to take a file and open up the hole just enough to allow our wiring harness to fit through. If you drill the hole as per the instructions, you'll have no problem sliding the wiring harness through. You'll see that there's 2 existing holes that have already been drilled into the bed.

The diameter of the screw that was used is a little bit larger than what comes with our new wiring harness. We're going to re-use 2 of the existing screws to re-install our new wiring harness into the bed. For the other 2 locations, we'll be using 2 of the screws that do come with the kit. Now that we're underneath the vehicle we're going to use a few zip-ties to help secure our wire as we route it over to the factory 7-way plug. Now that we've got our 2 plugs pulled over here to our factory 7-way, we need to remove the 7-way wiring from the backside of it. This little gray tab right here is a locking tab. Push the center of it in to release it.

It may help you if you remove the 4 flat wiring from the bracket for the time being. Give you a little more working room. As you can see, our connectors align up, similar style. This one here going here. Now the new other end of our T connector on our harness will go into the backside of this plug here. Before we make our connections we're going to add a little bit of dielectric grease to help give protection to those connection points. The dielectric grease we'll be using is part number 11755. Line up our connector here, make sure we push it all the way together so that it clicks or snaps back into place. Take the locking tab that we removed here from the factory half, put that back in place. Notice there's also a tab that's into the receiver hitch. It helps hold the wire in place as well. A large flat-head screwdriver or a trim panel removal tool will allow you to remove this. Then take the other end of the T connector and connect it to the backside of this factory 7-way plug. Use a few zip-ties to help secure up any excess harness or factory wiring that may be loose now. Now that we have all of our excess harness and wiring secured, go ahead and trim off any excess zip-tie. Before you hit the road with your truck and trailer, it's a good idea to plug in the trailer and make sure that all the functions are working properly on the 7-way plugs. Once you've checked that out and made sure everything's working properly, you're ready to hit the road. That will do it for the installation of the Bargman 5th-wheel and gooseneck 90-degree wiring harness with a 7-pole plug. Part number 50-97-410 on our 2005 Ford F350 Super Duty Crew Cab.

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