Truck Luggage Expedition Cargo System Installation

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How to Install the Truck Luggage Expedition Cargo System

Were gonna be installing part number TL-603 the Truck Luggage Expedition Truck Bed Cargo Management System. This part no. will cover all full size trucks and has the capacity of 8 cubic feet. For this review we went ahead and removed everything from the box and laid it out for you so that you can see exactly what it should come with.All right! First of all, what were gonna do is to unfold the bag and turn it inside out. We'll then take the 2 plastic inserts, slide them in to the bag itself. They go in from the outside, slide in to place.

This gives us a rigid bottom. With that done, we can go ahead and fold the bag back right side in and set it off to the side to use for later. Now we'll go ahead assembling our bars. Youll notice 2 short bars and 2 long bars. We need only to take one of the long bars and one of the short bars and slide them in to place.

With the holes lined up, well then use the Phillips head bolt. Slide it through the hole and put on the nylon locking knot on the other side. Well then tighten it down and repeat this process for the other bar. With the poles assembled and tightened up we'll now bring the bag back and slide the poles through the belt loop within the bag. With the poles in the bag, again we set the bag back off to the side to use later.

We'll now go ahead and get the side rail grabs and the 4 bungee cords form the kit. We'll take each bungee cord run it through the hole here at the end of the tube and tie a loose knot in the end. The reason it will be loose is because we may need to adjust this later. With the bungees on the grab bars, we'll go ahead and bring the bag back in and attach the bars. They will just simply slide into each of the 2 rear bars, like so.

You wanna make sure that the locking device is pointed down, like the bag. Now that weve reach this point in our assembling process we are ready to move on to the truck. Now that were in our truck, we simply will take the cargo management system and set in to place on the bed side rails. You may need to slide out the grab bars to get it to fit in the place. At this point you can move it to wherever you like it within the bed. Were ready to assemble the locking knob and rail clip. Youll need the rail clip, the locking knob and the 3 H cariage bolt. You will notice the rail clip has 3 slide openings. These openings allow you to adjust it for different bed sizes. Simply hold the clip up in the rail, where itll grab a hold of the bed side and line it up to the mark closest to the slot opening on the cargo management system. In this case it would be the middle slot. Well then slide the carriage bolt through the middle slot of the rail clip and then simply screw on the locking knob. We can then take this assembly and grab the rail and slide it into place.Once its slid into the cargo management system we can then continue to tighten down the knob and then repeat this process for the passenger side. With our cargo management system tightened into the bed we can install the bungee cords onto the bag itself.You wanna center the bag with the truck bed. You'll bring the bungee cord up and grab the belt loop here within the bag. Well do this in all 4 corners and if needed, we can adjust the bungee bringing it out back through the tube and tighten them up further back within the bungee to bring the bag left or right.The cargo management system does come with a divider with hook and loop straps. We'll simply open the hook and loop straps and push the square side of the divider down into the bed. We can then use the hook and loop straps to grab the loop of the bag to hold it in place. We then do that with the other 3 corners and with that our divider is in and secured to the bed. With the knob tightened on the bedsides, the kit also comes with 2 keys for the locking mechanism. We can simply lock them, securing the system to the truck. You will notice that the knob turns but the system doesnt release. When we unlock the lock, we can now release the cargo management system.And that completes the part number TL-603 the Truck Luggage Expedition Truck Cargo bed Management System.

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