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TruRyde Electric Brake Assembly Installation

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How to Install a TruRyde Electric Brake Assembly

Today were going to install part number TRBK10E01 from TruRyde. This is their Electric Trailer Brake for Left Hand Side. Were going to start off our install with the idler hub already removed from the trailer. This trailer previously did not have brakes so were going to add brakes to the trailer. Now if we add brakes to this trailer axle due to the fact that it has a brake flange already installed located here. The brake is very to install, Ill just make sure the mag is pointing at the bottom.

Now the studs are already built into the backing plate so all weve got to do is add lock washers and nuts. Lock washers will be 5-8 and the nuts will be part number 6-17. With our brake assembly installed on the axle now well go ahead and install the hub. Were using part number 84546UC3-EZ. First off, well apply a little bit of grease to the inside of the races and the bearings.

Then well go ahead and assemble the back bearing and seal. Then well do the same thing for the front bearing and race and apply a little bit of grease. Well go ahead and install the hub. Well add the washer and a nut and tighten it down as needed to make sure we have enough free play in the hub. Then well use a grease gun to fill up our hub.

When we fill up a hub it will also pack the bearings at the same time because the grease has to go through the bearings to get through the hub to the other side. With the hub packed, well go ahead and double check the adjustment for the hub then well go ahead and install the locking cage for the nut. Then well go ahead and install the dust cover. With our hub fully installed well go back to the backing plate and what well do is go ahead and adjust it now. Well take the adjuster and tighten up the drum until it stops moving then well back it off 10 clicks.

We should have a slight dragging on the hub when were done. Now we can go ahead and start hooking for wires for the backing plate. Now we ran the length of the wire from one side to the other and then up to the top. Were using part number 12-2-1. Now on the hub were working on well go ahead and cut the wire in half and make our connections. When we connect our wires from the backing plate to our new wire in a gray cable, it doesnt matter which wire goes to where, as long as you make sure that one of the wires in the gray cable goes ground and everyone goes to brake controller outlet. Theres a variety of ways in making a connection series, you can use wire nuts or a crimp style connector. For our connections made at the left side, well repeat the same process for the right hand side. With that that will cover the installation of part number TRBK10E01.



on the tru-ryde 12x2 electric brake what is the torque for the brake mounting nuts to the backing plate?

Patrick B.


On 12 inch assemblies we do about 75 ftlbs. if it is 1/2 inch hardware. If it is 7/16 we do between 50-60 ftlbs. We do not go more than 60 though on that size.

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