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Ultra-Fab 5th Wheel King Pin Tripod Stabilizer Review

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Review of the Ultra-Fab 5th Wheel King Pin Tripod Stabilizer

Hi, everyone, Adam, with Today, we're gonna be taking a look at the Ultra Fab fifth-wheel kingpin tripod stabilizer. We do have a couple different options for stabilizing your camper. This one does go up to 62 inches tall. We have another one on our website that only goes up to 50 inches, but all of them are gonna give you that added support whenever you're living in your camper to take away some of that rock and roll that goes on whenever you're inside the camper. So we did disconnect our stabilizer, and as you can see, there is a decent amount of sway and rocking of back and forth.

I'm not really trying a whole lot to do all of this rocking. Honestly, if that's not something you necessarily like, getting a stabilizer like the one we have down there is gonna take out that rocking and rolling. So we just pulled the stabilizer out of one of our stowaway compartments in our RV. And all we really need to do is just spread out these arms, get 'em set up. We can set this chain adjustment like so, just hang it on this middle spot here, and we can go ahead and get it aligned underneath of our fifth wheel.

And as we're doing that, we can start to, kind of, loosen this up and expanding that cup. So then it starts going over top of our fifth wheel. Once we get it up to where it starts to make contact, we can give it a couple turns to get more of that weight off of it. Always be mindful, we do have this adjustment. On top of that, we do have adjustments down at the legs.

So even if you're on uneven pavement, whatever it may be, you'll be able to adjust this stabilizer, however meets your needs the best. So whenever you have it all set in place, if you want to have that added protection, you can actually grab the lock that comes with this kit, and you can put it on there to lock your stabilizer to your camper. So we just got our stabilizer in place. I'm shifting my weight around the same amount as I was before, and we have a little bit of sway, but it definitely corrects itself and stabilizes a lot quicker. I really don't have that boat feeling that you get sometimes where it's slowly rocks back and forth, and that's gonna help me feeling good wherever I may be taking my camper.

So a lot of customers we're concerned at placing this on softer ground. Like if you go down to the river where it's a little bit mushier than most spots, as of right here we have it on concrete, but in those situations, they're worried it's gonna sink down a little bit. And my thought to that was having a five inch by five and a half inch plate on three different spots with this stabilizer, it's gonna give you more surface area. So it's gonna spread out your weight and pretty much take down on a lot of that sinking that you might get with your factory too. So this is gonna have a steel construction with a nice powdered coat of finish, and that's gonna help resist against rust and corrosion over time. Also for those instances where you put your camper in a place that doesn't have the most even ground, these are gonna have adjustments to be able to adjust to whatever type of ground you have your camper laying on. So between your stabilizer and your wheel chalks, I really think we're gonna have a good stable environment for wherever you put your camper. It's gonna take out all that shake and play and just give you a more homey feeling whenever you're traveling. We do have a lot of different options for wheel chalks on our website, so definitely go on and check 'em out. Well, thanks for watching. and this was the Ultra Fab, fifth-wheel, kingpin, tripod stabilizer..

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