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Ultra-Fab Ultra Scissor Jacks Installation - 2021 Dutchmen Coleman Lantern Travel Trailer

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How to Install the Ultra-Fab Ultra Scissor Jacks on a 2021 Dutchmen Coleman Lantern Travel Trailer

Hey everyone, Shane here on Today, I have a 2021 Dutchmen Coleman Lantern travel trailer. I'm gonna walk through how to install the Ultra-Fab scissor jacks, adding scissor decks onto your camper, whether you're replacing them or adding new ones on, are gonna help stabilize and support any movement that you may have in your camper when you get to the campsite. So when you get to the campsite, you can lower your jacks down and it's gonna help support it. Our customer here has electronic stabilizer jacks, or powered ones, and it just wasn't stabilizing enough. So he wanted to add four of these on so I will put them in the corners and it will help stabilize this camper even more when you're walking around inside, it's not gonna move as much. Now these are going to come in many different sizes and weight capacities.

You just wanna make sure before you order em, if you're replacing em, match em up with the ones you have, if you're not replacing them and you're adding them, make sure you look underneath your camper for any obstructions to make sure you don't get some that are going to be too big to where they're actually sticking out the sides. This is what our jack's gonna look like when it's collapsed. It's gonna be about four and three quarters of an inch wide, I'm sorry, thick, and about 33 and a half inches long. So again, make sure you measure the underside wherever you're planning on putting em to make sure that when it's folded up, this end is not sticking out. when installing you want to make sure that this end is facing out and not towards the inside, cause this is how you raise it and lower it.

It is gonna have a warm gear on the inside, very durable warm gear, and you can see a very large footplate so it gives us plenty of stability when we have it on the ground or on a pad. This is what they're gonna look like when they're extended and touching the ground. This is going to be your warm gear. We're gonna have a 30 inch total travel, 30 inches of total travel, which can be, which is how far it can be extended and a 6,500 pound weight capacity. Also, there are different components you can buy for this, or you can purchase for this.

One of em, for instance, is a socket that goes on that has an extension. You can put it in a drill and, and help raise and lower these a little bit quicker. Jacks are gonna come in a set of two. The installation process, pretty straightforward. The hardest part about it is gonna be determining where you want to put em, if you're not replacing ones you already have.

They're not gonna come with the mounting hardware. I suggest getting some large self-tapping screws cause your, most of your frames on these are gonna be enclosed frame tubes. So get some, some pretty large self-tappers, there's gonna be a plate on each side of the jack that has four holes in it so it gives you plenty of options for angling it a certain way so that you can mount it to the frame rail. Now that we've gone over some of the features, we'll walk through how to get em installed. Start your installation, if you're adding them on and you don't have them already, like our customer here, they actually have electric stabilizer jacks and we're adding these on to give them a little more stability. if you're just adding them on, wanna try and get those to the, as close to the corners as possible without em hanging out the front or the sides. The only place we can really do it up here is on the A-frame that goes out to the tongue. But we don't want to go too far forward because the customer is actually going to be putting a generator up there and the propane tanks, he's gonna have a bracket made so they sit over here on the side, so we can't go too far forward, so we're going to stay, you know, right about this area, kind of right at this corner here, How you wanna do, is you're gonna raise it up and you want to touch it against the bottom of the frame rail where you're gonna be installing it. The installation hardware does not come with it. What I suggest is getting some very large self tapping screws to install it. We're gonna put two on each side. You're going to have four holes in the bracket, so depending on how you have it placed, you can use any of those four holes. I'm gonna use two on one side, two on the other. Once you get one installed, you're gonna repeat the process for any other ones you're installing. That's gonna do it for a look at and installation of the Ultra-Fab scissor jacks on a 2021 Dutchmen Coleman Lantern travel trailer..

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