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Universal Group 4-Leaf Double-Eye Spring Installation

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How to Install the Universal Group 4-Leaf Double-Eye Spring

Today we're going to be taking a look at the Universal Group 4-Leaf Double-Eye Spring for 3,500-lb Trailer Axles. Part number is SP-212275. Now, these springs have been designed for use on a 3500 pound axle. You'll need one on this side, one on the other side of course. They support 1750 pounds a piece. Now, they're an inch and 3/4 wide.

From the center of each spring eye, from the center of this spring eye to the center of this spring eye, we're looking at 25 and 1/8 inches. You can see here a 4-deep spring pack. It's going to help to absorb a lot of that shock that we get going down the road as our trailer bounces around. You'll also see right here on the top, they do have the little button that sticks up that allows us to get our axle in the exact correct location, get it centered on that spring where it's going to be most effective. When we install our springs, the forward portion is going to mount directly to the U-bracket coming down off the trailer. We'll just install either new or existing hardware there.

We can bring the other side up, and it's going to be attached to the shackles. Now, if you've left your hubs on your axle, or if you're working with limited space, sometimes it's a good idea to get your axle put through before you put this side up. We might have to do that. We'll see when we get there. We'll do the same for the other one if you're using a tandem, or the other two if you've got a triple axle trailer. Now, I'm going to get my upper hardware tightened down.

The bolt in my spring purchase here, and also in that center bracket that drops down. Use a 21 on the actual bolt head, and 11/16ths here on the nut. We want to inaudible 00:02:03 the splines that round the nut into the bracket. Just a little bit to get it started, and then we can use a hammer to knock them on in. You can see that little gap there.

We're going to get rid of that. Then we'll tighten down the nut until it stops. That bolt has a stop point on it, so it's only going to get so tight because we still want to have movement here, but we want it to be nice and secure. Move onto the middle there, and it's going to be the same routine . All right. We'll get our axles in place. We've left these loose in case we need to drop the springs down for them to fit. Now with our axles in place, we can move on and get our shackle bolts, tighten them down. We'll just use the same process that we used on the upper bolts there. We're really just using this wrench to get the spline started. Then we can tap them through and tighten up the nut .. That's going to complete our installation of the Universal Group 4-Leaf Double-Eye Spring for 3,500-lb Trailer Axles, part number SP-212275.