UWS Crossover Toolbox Review - 2005 GMC Sierra

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Review of the UWS Crossover Toolbox on a 2005 GMC Sierra

Today on our 2005 GMC Sierra, we'll be installing the UWS Truck Bed Toolbox, the Narrow Crossover Style, part number UWS00161. Note that this toolbox is 69 inches long, 12 inches wide, and 9-1/4 inches deep for a total of 3.7 cubic feet. It will stand at approximately 2 inches above the height of the bed rail on your truck bed. Now, let's go ahead and install the box. We'll set it up against the bulk end and even it out side to side. Now that we have a good idea where our truck box is going to sit, we're going to go ahead and turn it over and install the foam strips to protect the paint between the box and bed.

Now with our foam strips installed on both sides, we can go ahead and install the box, setting it back into position, evening it from side to side. Next, before we secure the box, we'll want to open the lid to make sure we have enough clearance between the box and the cab. With this box, we have plenty of clearance so we're ready to begin tightening it down. Using a tape measure, we'll measure from the edge of the box to the edge of the bed then transfer that number from the edge of the box to the center of the toolbox where we'll drill a 1/4-inch hole large enough to put our J hook through. In this case, the center of the box will be 6 inches, and for our application, we'll be going over 3-1/8 inches from the outside edge of the box.

Then I'll use my paint stick to make a mark. Now, we'll go ahead and drill our holes. With both holes drilled out, we can start installing our fasteners to the J hooks. The J hook will come from underneath. Hook underneath the bed rail lift and up to the box then we'll secure it with a flat washer and nut.

We'll secure both sides finger tight. Note: Here is an example of what the J hook will look like once it's installed. The hook will come from underneath and hook under the bed rail, making sure that it's hooked into the metal portion of your bed rail and not the plastic trim. Now with our J hooks installed, we'll go ahead and secure it with a flat washer and nut, then we can go ahead and tighten them down. Now with both J hooks tightened down, we'll close the lid and it secures our box to the truck bed.

There you have it for the UWS Truck Bed Toolbox, Narrow Crossover Style, part number UWS00161, on our 2005 GMC Sierra.

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