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Ventline Ventadome Replacement Vent Installation - 2019 K-Z Sportsmen Travel Trailer

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How to Install the Ventline Ventadome Replacement Vent on a 2019 K-Z Sportsmen Travel Trailer

Today on our 2019 KV Sportsman travel trailer, we're going to be taking a look at, I'm going to show you how to install the Ventline replacement dome assembly for Ventline vent dome trailer roof vent. This is what our Ventline vent dome looks like when we get it installed. This is going to be a direct replacement to the factory vent domes that we're installed. Maybe you have a cracked one or maybe you have a white one and you just want to go to the smoke color. Again, this is going to be a direct replacement. It's going to fit right in place.

There's not going to be any drilling required to get these installed.They're going to be constructed of a durable plastic, so they're going to withstand all weather conditions. As you can see, it's going to have a nice lip that's going to roll down quite far around the sides to make sure you have a good seal. One of the things that people really like about the smoked finish over, like, your white ones or your clear ones, is that these are going to limit how much sunlight actually gets inside the camper, which is going to keep your camper a lot cooler on those really hot summer days.Now, this is the second one that I've replaced up here. You can see how big this lip is. It's going to have a rubber seal around your casing and this is going to come down to about right here.

So you know you're going to have a really good seal with these vent covers.One thing I do want to stress is while you're up here replacing your vent cover, go ahead and look at all your self-inaudible 00:01:13 sealant around the framing to make sure there's not any cracks or it's not lifting up or pulling off at all, and go ahead and replace any of that. It's going to keep any water from getting inside the camper.The first thing we need to do to remove our vent cover for the outside is we need to come inside. We remove the handle that opens the lid. I'm just going to use a Philips head screwdriver. You can also use a square bit.

We need to remove this outside cover and we need to remove our screen. We're going to push in here and here, just a little like that, and we need to take these two screws out. That's going to allow this to come loose and allow us to slide this off our lid. We're going to take this and we're going to pull it back, push up your lid, and now your vent lid is loose from the inside. Now we need to go outside on top.

We need to loosen the rod that runs through the back of it.So what I've determined is that on the 19, there's not a rod that runs through here. ON some of your older models there's a rod that runs through there that, when you flip this up, you have to bend a couple little tabs out and then push the rod out, put your new one in. This one, you don't. I'm going to push it down like that and just going to pop it out like that. Then we can pop our new one in.Just like that. Now we go back inside and we install everything in reverse order from the way we took it out. And that's it. You're going to do the same process for any other vent covers you want to replace or that are damaged.That'll do it for a look at an installation on the Ventline replacement dome assembly for Ventline vent dome trailer roof vent on our 2019 KC Sportsman travel trailer.

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