Ventline Trailer Roof Vent Installation

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How to Install a Ventline Trailer Roof Vent Screen and Cover

Today in this old enclosed trailer we're going to repair the roof vent. What we're going to do is put a new cover on the top of the vent and on the inside we're going to install a new screen. A new screen for the inside is part number BVC0573-31 and our roof vent cover is going to be part number BV0554-01. First, we'll go ahead and take the trim ring off the interior here. Now there's a screw here and here we have to remove. We also have to remove the handle too.

Now this is the condition of the roof vent right now. The dome is completely gone and all that's left is a hinge and the brace in the middle. What we'll do is crank the brace up a little bit to make it easier to remove and we'll remove what's left of the hinge. On the bottom of the hinge is some tin that we just peel off out of the way and you should be able slide off to the other side. We'll also remove the trim ring and the screen.

We'll need that out of the way to work with it. Let's go ahead and bring this up. We'll go ahead and put our new vent dome in place. We just slide it on. Now we'll take our tab and just bend it down so it cant slide out.

We'll do that in both sides. Now, to put our crank mechanism back into track, we'll just go ahead and loosen it up, put the roller back in here and then bolt it back in place. Now, we can go ahead and put our screen in place. Now this is our old vent and this is the new vent we're going to replace it with. Dimension wise, its an identical fit.

However, the only difference is the hole for the crank is located in a different stop. The older screens or older vents are getting harder and harder to find. By using this new vent, we'll only need to do one modification. We'll place one over the top of each other, square it up and we'll use a 1/2-inch drill bit to mark our hole. We're going to give you a measurement from this mark to the edge right here. Now that looks like 3-3/4 inches. We'll put a block under it then we'll drill out a hole. We'll start smaller and work our way up so that way we have a nice even finish when we're done. Now, for our original hole here when we have everything installed, we'll just use some silicon sealant to fill up the hole. We're going to reinstall the trim. We'll go ahead and put our handle back into place then we'll take a few seconds to seal up that hole. Also, if you can get a hold of a plastic plug, you'd use that as well on here too. We'll go ahead and operate it. With that, that'll finish it for our roof vent repair on this old trailer.

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this was an EXCELLENT video. it helped me to understand what parts I actually needed and how to accommodate for an older trailer. THANK YOU!

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