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WagenTech Power Inverter Installation - 2011 Honda Pilot

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How to Install a WagenTech Power Inverter on a 2011 Honda Pilot

Today on this 2011 Honda Pilot were going to install Wagan Techs Power Inventer, part number 02294. Now the wiring that comes with the inverter is not really long enough to reach up to the battery, so were going to use an additional kit to supply the necessary components and were actually using part number SW1520 from Superwinch, this here auxiliary wire harness. First thing were going to do is go ahead and show where were going to place our inverter. Were actually going to place underneath the passenger side seat. Now you can see how it sits a little bit crooked in there and theres a cut in the carpet already. So what were going to do is push it up against that one side of the carpet cut and we go to other side to make another cut where it will sit flat.

Lets do a test fit. We just push it back down. Now it sits a little more level. And we have it raised up at the back in a little bit, make it a little bit easier to plug in whatever we need. Ok, so we know how were going to mount our inverter, now Ill go ahead and take it out and get out of our way so we go ahead and start running our wires and run those up to the battery.

All right, to run a wire, were also going to remove this trim panel right here. Were also going to pull up the carpet a little bit. Heres a grummet well be using for our wires and what well do, well go ahead and just take a knife and well just cut up the center. Go ahead and start threading our cable. And of course our wire will go on to the batteries a lot longer than we need, but in this kit it has everything we need to do.

And our short will be on to ground. So well thread that underneath the cut and underneath the carpet. Next well route our ground wire to a suitable location. Well run it through the frame over this piece of overlapping metal and attach it about right in here. And now, were going to take our other wire, the longer one, and well route that up to our battery.

And when we route it, we want to make sure we stay away from anything hot like the exhaust or anything moving like the suspension component. Use some little clamps to help hold it up out of the way. The clamp that were using is part number 80500. Were going to drill a hole here so we can a run a zip tight to hold up the line. Well take the rest of our wire and bundle it up, just leave enough to lead to our positive terminal to our battery. Now well go ahead and make a connection to our battery. All right at this point, we can go ahead and start modifying our cables to accept our plug. Were going to cut off about 8 to 10 inches of length and well add our plug to it. All right, well take our red wire, put it to the plus side and then black goes in negative side. All right, now whats going to happen is that our wires will connect up color to color on our box. So now well leave this alone for now and well mount our box up to the floor of the SUV. At this point, well go ahead and take our inverter and well use the two mounting holes. Were going to fasten it right through the carpet and into the sheet metal below. Now I just attach our wire harness color to color. The positive terminal is installed, lets go ahead and do the negative terminal. Go ahead and plug the connection together and well go and tuck this back underneath the carpet. All right, well go ahead and turn the power on and see what we get. It looks like the fan kicked on. We get the power light indicator. It looks like were good to go. All right, now well go ahead and just reassemble our interior. Put the carpeting back in place and put our threshold back to the place. And there you have it for part number 02294.