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WeatherTech LampGards Lens Protectors Installation - 2011 Volkswagen Golf

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How to Install the WeatherTech LampGards Lens Protectors on a 2011 Volkswagen Golf

Male: Today on our 2011 Golf TDI, we're going to take a look at and show you how to install the WeatherTech lamp guards. These are clear lens protectors, part number is WTH2014VW. This kit is going to come with three lens protectors for each side of the vehicle. One for the mirror mounted blinker, one for the headlights and one for the fog lights. The first thing we need to do is mix up some application solution. This is going to be one part of isopropyl or rubbing alcohol to three parts of water.

We're going to use this to clean off our lenses. As you can see, we do have our headlights on and our fog lights on, this is going to warm up these lenses, that's going to help out this application process out a lot. Let's start on the fog light down here. Just going to take a little bit of the alcohol solution and really try to get that as clean as possible. We want to get off any dirt, any tar, any residue at all, any chunks of bug, get all that stuff off of there. The good news, since we do have the alcohol in there, it's going to help it evaporate.

Once we've got it completely clean of any debris, we can grab our lamp guard. The lamp guards, we've got those sitting out in the sun, we also want those to be warm, we want those to be pliable, we want them to work with us and go on there appropriately. Now we can re-wet our light, we also want to wet our lamp guard, front and back, and our hands. As we work on this, we're constantly going to re-apply this solution to keep our hands nice and wet. If we have dry fingers and we touch that adhesive, it's going to leave a fingerprint in there. We place that right over our lens.

With enough of the application solution on there, we can adjust it a little bit and move it around some. You can see how we're working out from the middle. This one is a little smaller, so I'm just doing it with my fingers to start. They do send you this application squeegee. What we're trying to do now is to squeeze all that water and alcohol, and also any air bubbles we might have, out from behind that guard. It looks like we're going to have a little bit of excess.

What we'll do is keep it nice and warm, allow the lamp to warm it up and easily work that over, and it should spread out rather than becoming a point of concern. Just continue all the way around the outside edge. Do a good check, look for any bubbles, wipe the solution off, and we've got that one installed. Let's take care of the headlight lens. Just like before, hit it with the solution and clean off anything we can. Now let's re-wet the light, wet our hands down again. The good news is, it's only 25% alcohol, so it doesn't burn that bad. (spraying lens cover) Now we bring that into place. What I'm doing is trying to get everything to fit in there, keep all my edges symmetrical or even, as best we can. Just like before, we're going to work from the middle out. This one is a bit larger, so we'll start with our squeegee straight away. Once these have been out of the sun for a while, they start to cool off a little bit. We want to re-warm them. This is going to also help to evaporate any of the alcohol solution that might be in behind them. It helps with the flexibility certainly. I'm using a heat gun on low, you could use a blow dryer. You'd probably want that to be on high, but experiment with it. If it gets too soft, stop, if it's not soft enough, turn it up a little. Now that we've got it worked on in place all the way around, we want to go over it with a little bit of the alcohol solution again. Make sure we don't have any large bubbles. One thing I have noticed is with the pitting already existing behind these, once we apply it and put it on, it seems like each pit has a little bubble. You want to try and group those together and try to work them out. Now we're going to move on with our blinker that's mounted into the mirror on the side. On this one, a little trimming may be required. We'll see when we get it on there, how it looks. It's supposed to be an exact fit where no trimming would be required, but the way these plastic components all connect together, the blinker may have slid a little in or out. You might have to make a couple of small adjustments. Let's get our solution on our application spot, on our protector, and on us. We'll get it warmed back up, and start getting it applied. I'm just trimming off a little bit of excess on the bottom side. With the three panels on our driver's side, let's head over to the passenger side and repeat that exact same process. Now that we've got all of our lenses in place, that's going to complete today's installation of the WeatherTech lamp guards, part number WTH2014VW on our 2011 Volkswagen Golf.