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WeatherTech Front and Rear Window Rain Guards Installation - 2016 Subaru Outback Wagon

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How to Install the WeatherTech Front and Rear Window Rain Guards on a 2016 Subaru Outback Wagon

Hello everybody, Clinton here at Here at etrailer we install, test and review, a lot of different products, to help you as a customer, make a more educated decision, before your purchase. Today, we're gonna be working on a 2016 Subaru Outback Wagon. We're gonna be taking a look at, and I'll be showing you, how easy it is to install, the WeatherTech side window rain guards, and this is gonna be in the dark tint. Now, you wanna keep in mind, we can get this set as a whole, so that's gonna be front and back, or just the front, or just the back. You can find all those here at etrailer.

The benefit of going with the WeathTech ones, is they are gonna sit in that window channel. A lot of the other ones on the market, use two-sided tape, to mount to your door or even pane. So, whenever those get ripped off, if they do, it's gonna damage any material that that might be stuck to. And these are really cool, like I said, they slide into that window channel, so they stay nice and sleek to your vehicle, while also keeping it protected. With this being the tinted version, it sits really nice on the back here, and blends in with our tinted windows.

From a distance, you can hardly even tell they're there. These are gonna be constructed out of a three millimeter thick acrylic, so they'll be nice and strong, but also flexible, making it easier to get them installed. Even with these being a nice sleek design, we're still gonna get all the benefits of adding rain guards or sometimes called air deflectors. Whenever we have our windows down or cracked, it's gonna cut down on that wind noise, and make it a little more comfortable when you're riding inside of the vehicle. Also, these are gonna be awesome, because whenever it's a nice hot day, you can just crack your windows whenever you park it.

You're gonna get air flow through here, so it's not gonna get super hot. Some of the other air deflectors on the market, hang down really low, and they're gonna block your visibility. These sit nice and tight up here, to our pillar, so we're not gonna lose any visibility in our mirrors, or with our windows down, like you see. You can still see everything just fine. And even though these are tinted, you can definitely see through them, pretty easily.

The one thing that I really like about these, is, you are able to still use your auto up and auto down functions. In my personal opinion, this is gonna be a great upgrade, for your Subaru. You can vent out all that hot air in the summertime, and it doesn't look too bad on here, definitely a nice cleek design. With that being said, we'll take a look, at how to get it installed. To start our installation, we want our windows half way down. First gonna grab some window cleaner and wipe this off, just to get a nice mating surface there on the edge. You wanna make sure that your window deflector is clean. We'll take our two-sided tape cover off, and the rears are pretty simple. We're just gonna bring it in here at, kind of, an angle. Then just, kind of, work it up into place. You wanna make sure that you don't pinch your gasketing, on the outside of your windows. We just gonna pull out on that, make sure that that tape's engaged, and it is. Now we're going up to the front. Part two, is gonna include a little J hook for each side, on our front. We're just gonna take this, slide it right over our , right here. You wanna make sure, that that's on the inside of the gasketing, and it is, so you actually want to take that back off. And then our kit is gonna include some tape. We'll take that tape off of there, we're just gonna try to get that as centered as possible, on our little bracket. We'll put that over, put our tape down. Kind of, work all those air bubbles out. Just wanna take that, slide that back into our channel, and slide it as far forward as we possibly can. We're gonna grab our passenger side deflector, and you make note of this, based off of where the front is, right here. The drivers side will be shaped a little bit differently. We're just gonna take that, kind of, work it into that gasketing, and we're just gonna get it right about there, and stop, then we're actually gonna move to the back side. On this back side, just gonna flex it a little bit, and again, you wanna make sure that you're not pinching your gasketing, so just, kind of, flex this front edge down, like so, we're gonna move back to the front. We're gonna hold the corner down here, kind of, flex this to where we can get it into place, then carefully work our way up the window, flexing it along the way. And again, you wanna make sure you're not pinching this weather stripping and getting it caught under your deflector. When you're doing this, don't worry about breaking it, they do flex pretty good. And once we get that in place, we're just gonna, kind of, push it, and pull it, and make sure it's seated. Then as you can see, our gasket is a little bit folded under here, so can just grab a small flat blade screwdriver, you're gonna come to the bottom here, just work your way up that weather stripping just, kind of, popping that out. It's pretty common for this to happen, just since we are adding more material to our gasket. Just like that, it's nice and repaired, so again, we're just gonna pull on this a little bit. With our deflector in place, we're actually gonna open up our window, and then we're gonna go up and down, just a few times, with our window, making sure that nothing's getting pinched. And if you do have auto windows, it can be, kind of, fidgety, but if you just go slow, the windows should go up and down with no problem. If you do feel like they're cracking or flexing noise, you just wanna come back out and pull on your deflector a little bit, just to get it out of that channel. When you doing it, make sure you go up and down on the back side just a few times, to make sure that that is not getting pinched. Now, with our passenger side installed, we can move over to the drivers side, and repeat that same process. And with that being said, that's gonna do it for our look at, and our installation of the WeatherTech rain guards on a 2016 Subaru Outback Wagon..

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