Westin Sure-Fit Front Floor Liners Review - 2013 GMC Sierra

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Review of the Westin Sure-Fit Front Floor Liners on a 2013 GMC Sierra

Hi, everyone. Shane here with etrailer.com. Today, I have a 2013 GMC Sierra. I want to walk you through how to install the Westin Sure-Fit Custom Auto Floor Liners.With these floor mats being custom fit, you can see they're going to fit the exact contour of our floor. And what makes it even better than that, when we compare them to some of the other mats out there, is we have raised sides. And the benefit to having raised sides is it keeps all the mud, dirt, water, any contaminants or anything like that on the mat and off our carpet, which means a lot less cleaning for us later on.You'll notice how high they come up behind our brake pedal and our accelerator pedal.

So, when we have our feet down here, we're applying the brake, we're not going to have to worry about this part of our carpet getting dirty as well. So it's also going to be raised back here in the back. So it's not going to allow any dirt, debris, or anything like that to get underneath of our seat on the carpet.Take a look over here at the edge. It also covers our door sill plate. It runs right down inside here.

So our water again stays on the mat. We don't have to worry about it getting on our carpet that runs along this edge here.We come here to the center, we're going to have raised channels. What this does is it allows our feet to stay up to channel that water, anything off of our shoes, away from the bottom of our shoes. Allows them to dry a little bit quicker.You notice the texture of it. It is a black in color.

It is textured. However, these are going to be fairly simple to clean. You simply pull them out, soap and water, maybe a light brush, brush them off, hose them down, let them dry. And they're ready to be re-installed again.Now each of our mats on this outer edge, on the bottom side, it's going to have a hook and loop fastener. One end's going to stick to your tread plate here.

The other side sticks to the bottom of the mat. That way it keeps your mat in place and it's not going to slide around at all.Now let's go ahead and show you how to install the passenger side. First thing I'm going to do is we're going to remove our old mat. We're going to take our new one. We're going to simply slide it in place. Now, your hook and loop fasteners, I'm not going to put those in just for demonstration purposes. We're going to leave them the way they are. All you would do is peel off the sticker on the one side, stick the mat down to the plate whenever you get it fit in, and you're ready to go.Our passenger side mat is going to have the same features as our driver's side. And you see, we have raised sides, raised up here. It's going to keep all of our water, dirt, debris on the mat, off the carpet. Again, a lot less cleaning we're going to have to do. Raised channels here in the center, same thing as the driver's side, helps keep our shoes up out of that water, allows that water to channel away from the bottom of our shoes.I'll go ahead and pull one of the other mats in here that they had in here to show you how much more coverage these mats have. So this is a mat they had in here. Now this one, is not a factory mat. However, you can see it comes up high here, but not a whole lot of coverage. You can see how much more coverage we're getting with our new mat compared to our other one.That's going to do it for a look at and installation on the Westin Sure-Fit Custom Auto Floor Liners on the 2013 GMC Sierra.

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