Westin Sure-Fit 2nd Row Floor Liner Review - 2017 Ram 1500

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Review of the Westin Sure-Fit 2nd Row Floor Liner on a 2017 Ram 1500

Clayton: Hello, everybody. Clayton here at etrailer.com. And today, we're going to be taking a look at the Westin Sure-Fit Custom Row Floor Mats for our second row on our 2017 Ram 1500. Our floor mats are going to be designed here for the crew cab. Now, adding floor mats to your second row is a big upgrade, especially if you have kids. We're not always going to see when they drop things onto the floor and having our carpet protected is going to be really nice.

Or if you're using your truck for work, you have a lot of people getting in and out. It's just good to protect that carpet.Our floor mats are going to be made out of a rubberized copolymer. They're going to hold up really well for a long time, but they're also going to be firm enough to keep the shape of your floorboard. You're not going to have to worry about them moving around or sliding around either. They fit really nice in the floorboard of our Ram here.

They do have really nice highly raised channels along the outside to keep all that dirt and debris on the floor mat and not on your carpet. One thing I do like is all of these raised edges here where feet could possibly touch, and that's just going to keep all that dirt and debris into the channels and have a nice spot for us to hold our feet.This is going to be one of the stiffer floor mats on the market but you can see they still bend and flex a little bit. It's going to be really comfortable and it's going to be good for all those different seasons.For us to get our floor mats installed, it's going to be super easy. You just want to lift them into place, kind of just wiggle it around and get everything lined up on the floorboard. You just kind of push it around here in the center, make sure it's lined up nicely.

When it comes to cleaning our floor mats, it's going to be super simple. You can pull them out, just how we installed them, hose them down. You can wash them down to soap and water if you like. Whenever they're dry, stick them right back in your floor board and you're good to go.When your floor mats come in, they're probably going to be jammed into a small box. There is going to be some creases and folds in those mats.

No need to worry. If you just set it outside in the sun with some weight on top of it, it'll help get that mat to the correct position. Now, to give some personal experience, I actually have owned these floor mats in my truck. They are a really good floor mat. Like I said, they're really rigid. They're going to hold up to anything you might throw at them very well.With that being said, that is going to conclude our look at the Westin Sure-Fit Floor Mats for the second row on our 2017 Ram 1500.

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