Westin Sure-Fit Custom Cargo Liner Review - 2020 Jeep Cherokee

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Review of the Westin Sure-Fit Custom Cargo Liner on a 2020 Jeep Cherokee

Hey, everybody. It's Rob here at etrailer.com. Today, we're going to be taking a look at the Westin Sure-Fit Cargo Liner on our 2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Having a cargo liner in the back hatch area here definitely helps out. It saves a lot of time when it comes to cleaning, especially if you use your Jeep a lot, you go to the hardware store, maybe pick up some rock, mulch, anything like that. It is going to leave a little bit of a mess.

We all know that. Even pets. We have a lot of pet hair in the back here that got onto the side carpet because, let's face it, the back of the seats, underneath the mat, it's all carpet. So, there's not a whole lot of protection back here from all those things, so having a liner is going to make it really nice. We won't have to spend so much time trying to get all that hair and other dirt out of the carpet.Now, our cargo liner is going to be a custom fit item.

You can see how it's going to follow the lines all the way around the bottom and contours. It's even going to come over into the little notch right here. It's going to be perfectly fit to the bottom. So, it's not going to have really too much room to move around, so it'll be nice and still and hold all your gear in place.Even if you're not going to the hardware store or you don't have anything dirty per se.. But, let's say you've got a cooler back here or some other gear, or you went to the grocery store, well, once we put stuff back here we don't want it to be flying around, knocking stuff over, and spilling.

Well, our mat here has a really nice non-skid surface, so it does a really good job of holding everything in place, partially because it's made out of a rubberized thermoplastic, so it does have somewhat of a soft rubbery feel to it. And it really holds your items in place. And it's going to take quite a bit of movement to get them to move around.Now, one thing I really liked that Westin did. If you look back here at the very back, you see there's a little notch in a recessed area in the center. Well, we also have those upfront where, underneath our mat, we have our factory tie down hooks.

Now, we have the option of taking a razor knife and cutting out that opening, and that would actually give us access to the handle underneath, so we wouldn't have to lift this up. We don't have to remove it or bend it out of the way to use the tie down hooks. And we still get the protection we need.Now, clearly, if all the dirt, debris, and everything else that we don't want on the carpet is staying on the mat, well, the mat's going to get dirty. Obviously, it's going to need to be cleaned. But, if it's a small mess, you just take a damp rag, wipe it up. Typically, it will take care of it. But, if you do have a really big mess and you just need to get it out, hose it down, use some mild soap and water, and we can let it air dry, then we would put them back in.The nicest thing about it is how easy they come out. If we have a bunch of dirt and whatever else is on there, you can actually just grab each edge, fold it in on itself, and we can keep all the contaminants contained and bring that mat out so we don't have to worry about dumping it all on the inside of our Jeep. It's a lot more convenient and a little bit easier, I think, than trying just to use a plastic tarp. It gives us a little bit better protection, and, again, it's a lot easier to take out and get it into place.If you're looking to protect the back carpet area, a cargo liner definitely is going to do a really good job of that. But, I always recommend if you're going to keep the carpet back here protected, you might as well keep the rest of your Jeep protected as well and check out the front floor liners and the rear floor liners. And Westin does make a full line of those. But, again, Rob here at etrailer.com, and that'll finish up your look at the Westin Sure-Fit Auto Cargo Liner on our 2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee.

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