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Yakima OverHaul HD Adjustable Truck Bed Ladder Rack Installation - 2020 Toyota Tacoma

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How to Install the Yakima OverHaul HD Adjustable Truck Bed Ladder Rack on a 2020 Toyota Tacoma

Evangeline: Hi, it's Evangeline from And today we are looking at the Yakima overhaul HD on our 2022 Toyota Tacoma. Now what's pretty cool about this truck bed rack is well for one, it looks pretty good on our truck. I love how nice and durable it is as well. When I was installing it, it was surprisingly a lot lighter than it looked, which made it a lot easier to install. And once I got it in there, it's secure.

This rack is also pretty versatile. We have it set up right now so that we can carry this ladder on it. But if you want to carry your bike racks, your tents, your skis, you can extend or lower these to whatever height you need them to be, and that's pretty cool. It also has different adjustment points and anchor points. So we have these cool anchor points here, our ladders's strapped into the rack by this strap, where you can also strap in all kinds of other things.These right here are HD bars, so if you're a Yakima user and you have the accessories that match with these bars, these work perfectly well with them.

Also, if you want to take the bars out and the towers out and just fill it up with other cargo, you can do that pretty easily as well, and just leave these spaces installed. And that's a good option as well, if you just want more versatility with this. Now this does have a weight capacity of 500 pounds on road and 300 pounds off-road. So if you're bouncing around off road, just remember that weight capacity with this. This truck bed rack right here is installed in our truck's factory Tacoma track system.

So if you have a track system like this, make sure you get the kit that has the additional adapter for the track system.And if you don't have one, there's a wheel clamp in there that comes with both kits. So with that being said, let's see how we installed it. I already installed the first three towers as well as that crossbar. So we'll walk through installing the fourth power, and you start with installing the base. And if your Tacoma doesn't have a track system, you just use the clamp that comes with it.

But since we have a factory track system installed on our truck, we're using this separate adapter. You put our base on our trucks edge, and we'll be using the adapter. So to use the adapter, we first place this square, just place it right, just drop it in there. And you drop this bolt right in there too, just like that. Now this can move around, which will adjust later. Next is we put our adapter in. You can just fit that up and through on our 20 Tacoma. We will be installing it at the whole third from the top, right there.So if you have to lift up your face in order to install it, that's fine. We will start with this bolt and this flash washer right over there, and the flat washer there, and the screw plate onto our bolts, which we can then install right here. Now make sure to line it up with your inserted plate at the back. We have this press flush against the end, because I found that was a pretty good thing. Just place that end, I loosely installed the other side as well. Same process. Now you just tighten them down with these two tools. So the Allen key, this large Allen key is for the top, and tighten that down. Now you do want to make sure that your towers are even on both sides, you can do that by making sure the plate is in the right location inside the track, as well as that the bolts inside are even on there. And the other Allen key is for this.Okay, there it is, it's pretty tight. After you're done tightening these ends, the next step is to use your four millimeter wrench to loosen this spring loaded bolt so that we can extend the bar. With this open, we can now put our tower inside it's space, just like that, and tighten it up with the smaller Allen key. Before you put your crossbar, you can actually extend this to however height you might want or need it to be, right now we have it just above the roof level. And if you loosen these bolts right over here, you can then lift the arm up, and it has measurements right here in the back. So you can have them at the same level for all your towers.You have your tower up at the height you want, you can just tight it in place and repeat the process for the next tower. If you have your towers at the height that you want the raise put in your crossbar. So first thing is to loosen up this head spool at the end, just so that you can take it out, pop out right there. With that bolt out of the way, you can pull the end back, just like that. That way you can put in these plates, which will be used to attach your crossbar to your tower, so two plates per crossbar. After you put the end back in, we can put the crossbar onto our towers, just like that. But now inaudible 00:06:30 moving, there we go. And you can also check inside, there's measurements to make sure that it's even this is from each other. So those are the same numbers, so that looks pretty good.Now we will secure our crossbar to our towers with a spool, this split washer and this washer. Remember the plates we inserted in there, now I find it a lot easier to just stick the Allen wrench in there and make sure the plates are aligned before I put in my screw. If you find it difficult to install the screws into the crossbar, just double check that the crossbar is sitting flush against the arm as well as that the arm and the tower and the base are pushed out as far against the vehicle as possible. This kit comes with two locks, so I like to put them in here on each side of the truck bed. All right, we've installed. We're ready to go. And that was a look at the Yakima overhaul HD on our 2020 Toyota Tacoma.

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