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Yakima Q Tower Roof Rack Installation - 2004 Mini Cooper

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How to Install a Yakima Q Tower Roof Rack on a 2004 Mini Cooper

Today on our 2004 Mini Cooper we'll be test fitting the Yakima Round Bar Roof Racking System part numbers y00408, y00683, y00716, and y00124. Now with our Q towers already assembled to our crossbars we'll first start off by locating the slots on the vehicle. We have found that it is easier to insert the Q clips into the hidden slots before installing the bars onto the vehicle. We'll locate the slot using a thin piece of plastic or a credit card. After locating the slot from the measurements Yakima provides we'll slide the Q clip into the hidden slots. Remember that there are two different sets of Q clips.

One set is for the front of the vehicle and the other set is for the rear of the vehicle. We'll then move over to the other side of the vehicle where we will again use a thin piece of plastic or a credit car to locate the hidden slot. We'll then insert the clip into the hidden slot. Mount the clips into position and we can install the crossbar. We'll slide the metal plate onto the clips and secure with the lock horse.

Before tightening down our crossbar to the vehicle we need to make sure that we measure from the front part of the glass to the first part of the tower, which would be four inches, to make sure that the cross bar is perpendicular to the vehicle. This will allow the pads of the towers to fit accordingly onto the roof. Again, we'll start off by using the card to locate the slots. We'll then insert the clips into both sides of the hidden slots at the rear of the vehicle. We'll then slide the metal plates of the Q towers onto the clips and again install with the lock horse.

We'll then move from the passenger side to the drivers side of the vehicle, tightening down the tower and then locking down the plastic cap. And now with our roof rack system assembled and onto our vehicle we're ready to load up some accessories.And that completes todays test fit for our Yakima Round Bar Racking System part numbers y00408, y00683, y00716, and y00124.



Which clips for a 2006 Mini Cooper s?

David B.


A 2006 mini cooper(hardtop) will need the Yakima Q clip Q8.

David B.


A 2006 mini cooper(hardtop) will need the Yakima Q clip Q8.

David B.


A 2006 mini cooper(hardtop) will need the Yakima Q clip Q8.

Freddie B.


Say, thanks for this installation video. It includes essential information that I hadn't gleaned from the written instructions. I wish the actual install was as easy and quick as your video, post-editing!!! lol

John P.


Which Q clip would we use for a 2013 Mini Cooper S ? Hoping you can help us Thanks

Etrailer Expert

Chris R.


The Yakima Q Clips are no longer made - but in case you were able to find some used parts, the Mini Cooper would use the Q83 Clips for the front and the Q116 Clips for the rear. For a new system that will work great on your 2013 Mini Cooper I recommend the Rhino-Rack Vortex setup that consists of parts # RRVA118B-2 , # RRRLKVA , and # DK472 .

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