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Yakima Roof Rack Installation - 2018 Ford Escape

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How to Install the Yakima Roof Rack on a 2018 Ford Escape

Speaker 1: Today, on our 2018 Ford Escape, we're gonna test fitting the Yakima Jet Stream roof rack system consisting of part numbers Y00425. These are the Yakima Jet Stream crossbars, 50" long and this also applies to the 60" long bars, part number Y00426. These are also available in silver as part number Y00428. We'll also be using part number Y00147 and these are the Timberline towers for the Yakima crossbars, particularly for the factory raised side rails. The Yakima Jet Stream roof rack system is great for carrying a wide variety of accessories on your roof while freeing up space inside your Escape. This can carry anything from bike racks to cargo baskets to cargo boxes.

The bars themselves have an aerodynamic shape to them and that coupled with the rubber strip up at the top as well as the one that you cut to length underneath, that's gonna cut down wind noise and drag while you drive and that's gonna eliminate the need that you would have with square and round bars to buying those fairings after market.Removing out end cap here, you can see that it's compatible with T-track accessories and instead of having to remove the strip and cutting it to length as you would for other roof rack systems, this one, instead, you simply push both strips down and slide your T-track accessory in place and tighten it down and then you simple replace your end cap. The end caps simply pop off, like you can see there and these wrap around your existing factory raised side rails within this rubber coated steel strap. So it's gonna keep your factory side rails safe and unscratched and then just tighten it down into place with the bolt up top. Looking at our end cap, there is a plastic knockout, which you can have removed and replaced with the Yakima same key system, which is sold separately, so you can secure it to both your factory raised side rails or if you wanted to, you can make it key to like with your accessories as well. Next, I'd like to give you a couple quick measurements.

From the center of the roof to the bottom of the bar is gonna be about 3".From the center to the top, it's gonna be about 4". So there's plenty of space in between the bar and our roof here to install your accessories that don't get installed to the T-track that simple wrap around the bars. Also, the carrying capacity for the two bars combined is 165 points. But you always want to double check with your vehicle's manual to make sure your roof can withstand those weights. Now that we've gone over some of the features of the roof rack system, let's go ahead and show you how it installs.

We have our front bar already installed onto our factory raised side rails and then we have our rear bar partially assembled on our table here. Our next step is we're gonna take our tower and install our two pieces to install onto our Jet Stream bar. So we'll flip this upside down and we'll start making that happen. So we'll take our plastic piece here and install it on the top portion. It just fits right in.

You'll hear kind of a snap when you install it.Then we'll take our metal bracket here, slide that into the top, and tighten down the screw down here to hold everything in place. We'll use our tightening tool here that does come with it as well and this is kind of a neat tool because it's gonna make a couple of noises here to let you know everything's tightened down, so you don't over tighten it. Isn't that nice All right. Now we can take this top portion here and slide it into our channel at the bottom. All right, and then we'll put on our end cap here to make sure everything stays in place and also, I would like to mention at this time there is normally rubber strip on the bottom here that you will cut to length once you've put this and get this set in place on your roof rack. We're gonna keep that out for now for demonstration purposes. But just do bear in mind, once you have everything measured out, you will cut that to length and put it in place in this track on the bottom. We can now sit out bar into place.We do want to make sure that the line here at the bottom is gonna be at the top part of our factory raised side rail. Next, we'll measure from center to center of the bars on both side to make sure they're even. You just want to make sure it doesn't go under 24". Then we'll measure for crossbar overhang on both sides. All right, that looks even on both side, so we'll tighten down the screw on the inside first to tighten our tower down to our bar and then we'll tighten this screw after wrapping our strap up underneath and tighten that to our factory raised side rail. Wrap it up underneath. Put it into the cradle here and then we'll take our handy dandy tool here. We'll get it loosely tightened on both side and then tighten it down the rest of the way. Our final step is to push our end caps in place. Now we're ready to load up our gear and hit the road. There you have it for the Yakima Jet Stream roof rack system on our 2018 Ford Escape.

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