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Yakima Roof Rack Installation - 2019 GMC Yukon XL

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How to Install a Yakima Roof Rack on a 2019 GMC Yukon XL

Colin: Hey everyone, it's Colin here at etrailer, and today we have a 2019 GMC Yukon XL. And let me go ahead and do a test fit of the Yakima JetStream Roof Rack system. This is a roof rack that you're going to be able to load up some of your favorite accessories, whether it's a cargo box for a long family trip, kayak carrier, maybe even a couple of bike racks.It's going to mount to the fixed mounting points on the flush side rails of your Yukon. And it's really secure, you can see shaking it around, the entire Yukon is moving. You really do have a great peace of mind getting your accessories loaded up here. And what's actually pretty cool about the Yukon is that with the fixed mounting points more times than not with other vehicles, you just have a set point where you put your front crossbar and your back crossbar.

Well, because the Yukon is so long, we've actually got two extra spots at the back where if we want to get a bigger accessory up here that requires a bigger crossbar spread, we can move our back crossbar to the back of the vehicle, or if you want to shift the entire roof rack towards the back of the vehicle, we have that option as well.Now up top, we're going to have our 60 inch long JetStream crossbars. So you can see these have a nice aerodynamic shape, helps cut down on wind noise and drag especially if you compare it to a square or round bar roof rack system. We have them in black right now, you can see it matches our Yukon very well. But if you think silver would match your Yukon better, we'll we've got this kit available with silver crossbars, just check out our website. And up top, we have a nice rubber strip in this channel right here, letting us know we can utilize T-slot accessories.What we do to access that channel, we just pull this end cap off by pulling down on the tab underneath and cap comes off.

And all we got to do is push down on that rubber strip slide our T-slot accessory to the desired location, tighten it down and then we're good. So that eliminates having to cut this strip and then reinsert it. And then if you ever want to take that accessory out, then you got to find that piece that you've cut out. And then just put the end cap back on right there.And then right here, we have our SkyLine Towers connecting our crossbars to our landing pads. Now this is actually a pretty cool feature about this roof rack and probably one of my favorites because personally if I'm not using my roof rack for a bike rack or a cargo box or anything like that, then I don't really see a need to have it on there.

So what I can do is just pull that end cap back and the roof rack comes off just like that, and you can leave the landing pad on there. When I close the end cap right here, you can see some knobs poke out, that's what locks it into the landing pad. Open it back up, now they're gone. Set it right there. It's really easy to install it.

Once you get it the first time, it's literally 10 seconds to get both crossbars on there and then to get them back off.You can see we have these plastic lock pieces right here, we can replace that with the same key system from Yakima. There's just some other lock cores that will provide more security for your roof rack if you want to leave it on here for a long time.For any low clearance situations, maybe you got to fit into a parking garage or your own garage, what you can do, like I said, is just pull both those end caps off, remove the crossbar completely, I'm going to set this down here, and then just take your end caps and put those on to give it a nice clean look. Like I said, personally, I would definitely take advantage of this feature if I'm not using my roof rack, just because I don't want that unneeded wind noise and drag when I'm not using them. Now that we've gone over some of those features, I'll show you guys how to get the system installed.Now, once you've picked out a location on your roof, the first thing we'll do is install the landing pads. And you can see the holes right there just line up with the holes on your flush side rail. So once you get that on, this is how it looks coming out of the box, there's no pre-assembly for landing pads. Open up your bag of hardware right here, feed that through and thread it on. We already did on the other side, so we're going to get this one on there. Get both sides and then make sure the cap right here is off too, so we can get our crossbars in place when we get them assembled. And then we can use our security tool to tighten them down.Now we're on our table and we'll get our rear crossbar assembled with our Skyline Tower. So we're just going to flip the crossbar over. It's pretty simple to assemble. You can see we've got the front one already in place, wasn't a bad process at all. Take this plastic piece right here comes with the JetStream crossbars. It goes into this slot right here, or on top of that screw. And then what we'll do is take this silver piece right here, and it's going to thread onto the screw that's inside there. So we just got to adjust it, get it on top. I'm going to hold it there and then flip it over. The head of the screw is in there, we got to move that plate around a little bit, there we go, now it's exposed. So what we're going to do is begin to tighten up that silver piece right there, show you side view.That's going to bring our silver piece down and we will make sure it gets level. Just got to do a little adjusting here real quick, there we go. So we need that silver piece to be level with the black tabs right there. So again, is it up there Yep.Now we're going to come to the side of our crossbar and then we're going to feed that into the bottom channel. If it's a little tight that's okay, you just got to wiggle it around, get it in there. If it's very tight, then what you can do is take your tool and then just loosen up that bolt a little bit, you don't go too much and it should free it up in that channel just like that, it's moving much better. And then we'll just throw the end cap on. Now we're ready to get on our roof. Now, when getting it on your roof, there's a couple of different options you have because you want to make sure that your SkyLine Towers line up exactly with your landing pads.So what I did was, I measured center on center between the landing pads at the opening right here, and that was 49 and three quarters of an inch. And then I took my tape measure, measured 49 and three quarters of an inch center on center on these, and then I tighten down those bolts the rest of the way to make sure that they're stable. So now I'm just going to open up my doors and get it on the roof. And I just want to set it into the landing pad on both sides. All we get to do from there like I showed you, shut your end cap on both sides.Now, at this point if it's still a little bit loose up here, our crossbar is slightly loose, you need to open up the end cap back up, and the bolt that I showed you earlier that adjusts the angle of your crossbars, make sure that is fully secured. And that'll take out any other rattling that you hear, there we go. And when you've got everything installed, it's always a good idea to grab ahold of your crossbars, give a good shake, just make sure everything is secure. You can see the entire vehicle is moving, so now we're ready to load up our favorite rooftop accessories, and then hit the road.Well, thank you all for watching and I hope this information helped you out, but that'll do it for our test fit of the Yakima JetStream Roof Rack system on our 2019 GMC Yukon XL.

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