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Yakima Roof Rack Review - 2019 Jeep Cherokee

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Review of the Yakima Roof Rack on a 2019 Jeep Cherokee

Hey guys. Today on our 2019 Jeep Cherokee, we're going to take a look at and show you how to install this Yakima Jetstream Roof Rack System. This is a great product for your Cherokee. It's going to allow you to mount any roof rack accessory you have to the roof of your vehicle. Whether you've got a bike racks, Kayak carrier will, even a rooftop cargo box, it's going to allow you get on your roof and get whatever accessory on your roof that you can't fit in your vehicle or just don't have any room for.Now this roof rack system is made up of a couple of different parts. Up top we're looking at our 50 inch Jetstream crossbars.

You can see they have a nice aerodynamic shape to them. That's going to help cut down on wind noise and drag even when you're traveling at high speeds.You see there in black right now, but they're also available in silver. Just see for whatever color you want. And you're going to see if we we're removing the end cap like we did on this cross over here, we have rubber strip up here, which also helps cut down on that wind noise and drag. But if you just push it down, you can insert any of your T-slot accessories that you might have, which is a lot easier than pulling the rubber strip out and then cutting it to length for whatever accessory you might be hauling.

And then all you gotta do is put your cap on and you're good to go.Now the piece that is going to be holding our Jetstream crossbars to our raised siderails of our Cherokee are going to be our Timberline Towers from Yakima and these are four raised side rails. You're going to see they have rubber coated steel strap that comes under the bar and hooks into the other side. We'll take the end cap off so you can see. We see that steel shaft comes up and hooks in and once we tighten down this bolt right here, that secures the strap and secures the tower to our roof rack and when we put the end cap back on it, it's going to be a nice protective measure so that no one can just access it right away. We have these plastic pop locks right here.

You can replace those with Yakima lock cores, which is going to give you a more secure feeling for your roof racks and no one can remove it without the key that comes with it.Now let's go over a few measurements for you guys. First we're going to go from the top of our roof to the bottom of our crossbar. That's going to be 3 1/2 inches, so it's going to be more than enough space to get any clamp on accessories under your crossbar without damaging the roof at all. And it's also going to be enough space for if your Cherokee does have a sunroof is still going to be operational. Now from the top of our roof to the top of our crossbar, that's going to be 4 1/2 inches total, including your raised siderails.

Now the weight limit for this roof rack system is going to be 165 pounds, but be sure to double check with your Cherokees owner's manual to make sure your roof can handle that weight. Now that we've gone over some of these features, let's show you how to get it installed.I've gone ahead and laid everything out that we're going to need to get it assembled and installed.Both crossbars is going to assemble the same way. Go ahead and show you how to finish up this one. When a foot bar Jetstream cross bar over real quick and we're going to come and take our end cap off so we can slide our tower onto it. There we go. Now we're going to grab our tower right here. We see this a little screw right there. I'm going to take first this little black plastic piece and click into there. Then we're going to take our little metal silver piece right here and that screw is going to be threaded into there. So just line it up and what we're going to do is flip it over. We're going to take our strap and push it all the way through so that this bolt gets out of the way and then we can take our tightening tool.There's a little bolt on the inside of there. We're going to start tightening it down, and way to keep going until that silver piece gets flush with the two little black pieces, that are up with it. So now that it's flush, we'll go ahead and leave it there. Then we can take our tower, making sure that the open part of the strap is facing the outside. We're just put it into the track of our crossbar. Here we go. Might need to just give it a quick nudge, there we go. Now we'll put the end cap back on.Now you want to make sure that you have the fatter end of our crossbars facing forward. That's going to help the aerodynamics. We'll just lift it up. Make sure you get that strap on the other side to go under the crossbar and just send it down. Do the same on this side. Now before we do any tightening down, we're going to measure our crossbar spread so that we can make sure that we have an even spread and that's going to help our crossbars to be parallel. So we're going to go from the center of our tower to the center of the other tower, and it doesn't necessarily matter what measurement you'd go with. Usually I like to base it off of what accessory I'll be hauling that day. You just want to make sure you over 24 inches. All right.From there, we're going to measure our crossbar overhang just to make sure it's even on both sides, kind of just adds to looks a bit. I can already tell I'm going to have to move it that way a little bit. We'll measure it now.Okay. All right. Now when you're tightening down, first we need to bring the strap and get those two little silver notches up on the hooks down like that. And we're gonna have two different bolts we need to tighten this one on the bottom is what is going what's going to tighten the strap to the raised side rail, and then if you look inside there, you're going to see another bolt. That's what's going to tighten down our tower to our crossbar, so we're just going to tighten that top one first. That's just going to make sure that doesn't go anywhere. You heard those two clicks. That means it's tight enough. I'm going to tighten this down as well. You want to make sure you do this on both sides. You want to get it as tight as possible all the way to where it clicks, because that's going to ensure that your roof rack is sturdy and it's going to stay on your roof and not go anywhere, even with a full load. Now, it's getting a lot tighter. Once you hear those clicks, you're gonna know it's tight enough. Then we'll put our end cap on and go tighten down the other side. Okay There's the clicks. Just put the end cap on and you ready to hit the road.Well, that being said, that's going to do it for our test fit of the Yakima Jetstream Roof Rack System on our 2019 Jeep Cherokee.

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