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Yakima Roof Rack Review - 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee

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Review of the Yakima Roof Rack on a 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Hi, everybody. Adam, here, from etrailer. Today, we're going to be taking a look at the Yakima CoreBar roof rack system on our 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee. With fifty inch cross bars we can put a bunch of different stuff up on our roof. We would probably have enough room to put a cargo basket up here, maybe a bike rack on top of that. We can put multiple different J-Style kayak carriers up on here and of course we can put a bunch of different ski and snowboard carriers to carry multiple different skis.

When choosing what accessories are gonna go up on top of the roof, the only options we really have with the CoreBar is gonna be some clamp on items. We don't have any T-track or anything like that. But that's no big deal. We want to make sure that they can fit a bar with three inches. And these things are only about an inch and a quarter thick.

Our cross bar spread is gonna be fixed since we're using the fixed points on our rails. And that's gonna be about thirty three inches. Our cargo basket is extremely versatile, so it's gonna work great with this cross bar spread. But if you have a cargo box or you choose to go with a different basket for whatever reason, just make sure that it is gonna be able to fit up on top of this roof with a thirty three inch cross bar spread. These bars are gonna sit up about four and a half inches from the top of our roof to the bottom of the bar.

So, if you do have a basket like ours or a box, it's not going to affect our back antenna, and also we don't have to worry about not being able to open our sunroof. I have it open and we have no issues there. If you go with a more low profile roof rack system, you might have a little bit of issues fitting some of the accessories up on top of the roof. But if you're just picking the more low profile version just to cut down on some of that wind noise, these are an aerodynamic bar so they aren't really gonna make a whole lot of noise whenever you're going down the road. Since these bars are extremely easy to take on and off I would definitely recommend getting a lock cores set for them.

You'll get some keys with your kit just to make sure that someone can just not come up here and just take your whole entire roof rack off. Super quick and easy which is why I really like this system, but you definitely want to protect your investment and get some locking cores. What I really like about this is, whenever you install it, it's super easy, it doesn't take a whole lot of time. But once that is all done, you don't really have to worry about having to remove everything. We have some caps, so these can just live up on your roof if you're not using your bars. All in all I would definitely recommend getting this system, just because I really like this mounting system. We do have other bars that these feet will work with but if you're not really wanting to use the T-Track I would definitely just recommend getting the core bar. And it really is something that's going to add a lot to your Grand Cherokee, so you can do a lot more with it. First thing we want to do is prepare our mounting kit. What we're going to get is this piece and our other piece. This is going to go on the track and this is going to go on top of that. Go ahead and take the cover off. And what we're going to be doing is taking this bolt putting on a lock washer, and a normal washer, and the way it's gonna go in, this is going to go in your track, this is gonna fit really nicely up on top, and then we're going to take our hardware and fish it through. What I'm using to get up on to our roof is this Hitchmate step, it just goes right over the wheel. I really like this just because it's gonna make it easy to install our roof rack. And if you want to take it off, it's gonna be easy to do that. Also, to put up accessories and load up cargo. The nice thing about it is, it is adjustable so if you do have a higher sitting jeep, this is a factory right height, you can adjust accordingly. Now, what we want to do is go on the very farthest back bolt. It does include a tool to take out the bolt. I already did it in the front. So we need to do the farthest back bolt and the farthest forward bolt. And undo those. Might as well do them all at the same time. That's what I had and did it already. Doesn't take too much effort. What you want to do is whenever you take it out find a nice place for these to live. Because the roof rack's going to stay on there or at least the feet, at least. Now we can go ahead and mount our hardware. One thing to take into account is there are arrows on this bottom side and it's gong to be facing inwards towards the roof rack. Line that up, put 'em together, and start threading it in. We do have another Allen key that comes in with the kit. Just tighten this down. Get it hand-tight, like this, and then you can go ahead and torque it down to the specifications in our instructions. The nice thing about the landing pads and the feet is that if we wanted to take the roof rack out if we're not using it, we have a cap. So these will stay on here. They're extremely low profile. We have a little cap to keep all the water out so, it's pretty much ready to rip whenever you want to install the bars again. The SkyLine towers are ready to go out of the box. All we gotta do is just get access to this bottom little thing with our Allen key and line it up. Making sure that the doors are going to be facing out. We don't want to tighten this down completely yet. Just because we do have to take some measurements and make sure we get it in the right spot. Get it loosely on there to where we can still move this around but the foot doesn't fall off. And we're going to do that same exact thing to the other side. The measurement we want to take is from the center of this mounting kit to the center of that one over there. Do your very best to get a pretty accurate measurement. We will be able to deviate a little bit but the more accurate the better. Right now it's about 41 and a half inches. Now we're going to take that 41 and a half inches and get the same exact measurement on our feet. So there's a little hole here we want to line it up get it from center to center to forty one and a half but also to keep in mind we want to get the same amount of bar on the outside of the feet to be even so it doesn't look a little weird on our roof. Once that's done we can go ahead and take our Allen key, put it back in the slot and tighten these down. Wanna make sure that the foot doesn't move around while we're tightening this. Just to make sure that we keep that measurement in line. Now what we want to do is open up the cap on the end. It's gonna allow it to sit into place. And the larger side of the bar, we want that to face forward. It's kind of like an airplane wing. It's gonna help it to be nice and aerodynamic on the road. Put that in place on both sides. Push it down. And then we can go ahead and close our cap. That's gonna lock it to that foot. And that'll do it for our look at the Yakima CoreBar roof rack system on our 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee..

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