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Yakima Roof Rack Installation - 2020 Ford F-150

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How to Install the Yakima Roof Rack on a 2020 Ford F-150

Zach: Hey guys, Zach here at Today, we're going to be taking a look at the Yakima JetStream Crossbars on our 2020 Ford F-150. These are going to be an excellent way to get some gear on top of your roof, whether it's a bike rack or a cargo basket, maybe you're looking to add some extension to a ladder rack system. They have a weight capacity of 165 pounds. Now, that's while you're moving. So if you wanted to put a tent up here as well, it would also work out great for that.

We have the bars here in black, but they're also available in silver, if you're looking for something to maybe closely match your vehicle.The bars are going to have a really nice aluminum construction. They have a really nice aerodynamic design, so it's going to cut down on wind noise and drag. Some of the older systems like the square bars or even round bars, those we're really effective at carrying stuff, but they we're noisy. You had to get a fairing. You can get a fairing for this, but I think this design is going to be much quieter.

Anytime you put something on the roof, though, it's definitely going to be more noticeable. Regardless of how aerodynamic it is, it's going to make noise. But I also like that on the T-Track here, if you have T-Track accessories, the weather strip in the top, you can just push that down to fit your accessory down in there and tighten it. You don't have to pop the cap off and slide it all the way through and trim the piece like some of the other ones out there. That's a really nice design.And then these bars are going to be 60 inches that we have on here today.

You can go a little further out, but don't exceed the overall width of your vehicle when it comes to your mirrors. But the longer you go out, the higher chance you are of bumping your head. And that's definitely a real thing. I've done it. And it does not feel good whenever you hit your head on those.

So I think the 60-inch is a good fit with this one here today. And then the way they attach to the vehicle is through the baseline tower, which attaches to our fit kit here or the base clip. And this is what makes it specific for the F-150 and everything that touches the vehicle is going to have a rubber coating on it. So this clip's metal, it's going to have rubber coating on it inside to not harm the finish of your vehicle. And when it comes to how these fit down in your door jamb here, it's going to hit up against that seal there. You can see it just goes right around it.And that is pretty normal for any bare roofs to have this style design there. So that is a really secure way to have those on there. On the towers here, they have these little plastic knockouts here, and you can replace that with the same key system that Yakima offers. That way you can tie it into your Yakima accessories, so you can have one key. I personally don't think that you're going to have very many issues with people trying to make away with these. You're going to need a special tool that comes with it to get all this stuff loosened up. But just to give you a little bit more peace of mind, you can easily install those locks. When it comes to the overall shape of these bars, they're pretty universal. A lot of bars are going to look very similar to this. So it's going to work out with most accessories out there, especially Yakima branded ones, but something to be mindful of is how much it adds to your roof.I'm going to give you a couple measurements to show you if you have any sunroofs or if you have any clearance issues getting into a garage. And I'm going to go from the top of our corrugation on our roof to the lowest point of our bars. That's about two and three quarters and the top is about three and three quarters. So definitely be mindful of that. But overall, these are really good bars. The installation is a little bit more involved than others, but they're not too difficult to put on. You're only probably going to do it one time. You're going to leave them on all the time. They have very detailed instructions. So let's just walk you through how we got these put on. We went ahead and we put the front bar on. This second bar is going to install the same way.The measurements are just going to be a little different depending on where you need to put that on the vehicle, but this is everything that's going to come in the kit. So you're going to have your bar, two towers, part of your fit kit here. We've got one installed on that already. That allows it to conform to the vehicle and fit this one proper. Two end caps for the bar here, a tightening tool and two end caps for each tower. And it's going to be the same way with that front one. So what we can do is we can flip our bar over and you'll see this track that runs on the inside. That's where we're going to install our towers. So we can take our tower and there's going to be this silver piece right here. And we'll just slide it into that, that slot.See, it's a little tight. They may come a little tight out of the box, so we can take our tool and we can loosen that up. Now, you would think that this is what you need to loosen up to allow this to move, but what that does is that causes the pitch here to change. And this actually is just right where we need it to be out of the box. Different vehicles would require you to adjust that. So we're not going to adjust that today, but that little slot right there is what we need to open up. We can come to this side of the tower, pull this out, and you can feel it click into place and it opens up.And you can see that little bolt down there. I'm going to take the tool, loosen that just a little bit. And I'm going to slide this in to the spot that I need. Now, your instructions will tell you where this needs to mount. And there is a little ruler here. It's really hard to see, especially on camera there, but it's just integrated into the bar and it's on each side. It tells us exactly where we need to line that tower up. We'll get that lined up and then we can tighten that down. And when we're tightening this down, we're going to get an audible click. And that tells us we have this torqued down properly.Just like a gas cap. So we know we don't need to go any tighter than that. We can close that little door that we just opened up. So our other tower, we'll install the same way. And I already had this pre-installed. This is part of the fit kit that fits the F-150. So you're going to have this plastic piece here and the rubber coated one, the rubber piece that actually touches the paint on the vehicle. So you can see this fits only one way and we'll just snap that in place. And then once we get that on, we can put it on our tower here. And you can see this little slot right here, it's going to hook in right there. And this little groove right here, we want that facing on the outside of the vehicle. So this is the outside of the tower and that just clicks in place. And then we can slide this on the same exact way and tighten it down and it'll be the same measurement on this side.The next thing we need to do is we need to put our end caps on our bars. They go on a very specific way. This little slot right here goes on top and then just fits right in there. And that just provides a nice clean way to make that look finished. So then we can get our bar prepped to put on top of our truck. I've got a general idea where this is going to go, but we're definitely going to measure this out. And those feet, that rubber pad that we installed is going to fit right in this gutter. And it's going to sit flush right up against this, and it should be that way on both sides. And that's why that measurement that they give you in the instructions is super important to make sure you follow that. Now, before we put our clamps on, we need to measure this out because we need to make sure that this sits even. So we're going to measure center of the front bar to the center of this back bar. And we're going to set that at 32 inches here.And then once we get that set, we're going to go to the other side and make sure it's the same, and then we'll just double check back over here and make sure we didn't make any adjustments. And then the measurement for the front cross bar, since we already had this one in place, we're going to measure that from the front of this tower here to right about here. Now we can finally get our clamp in place. So we'll pull up on that door, we'll get this piece right here and we need to have this little hook there facing down, but we're going to pull up on that and slide our clamp in and allow that to catch. So we're going to do that on both sides and you can see how our clamp is kind of floating here and that's to . they have it built into this tower to adjust that for different types of vehicles because this tower works with several different cars. It's this clamp and this piece right here that make it fit the F-150 specifically.So the way we adjust that so it sits a little closer to the vehicle, is we can take our tightening tool and we can tighten that up. And that just brings it down where it makes contact with our vehicle. That's pretty good right there. We're going to do the same thing on the other side. When we're tightening these clamps down, we don't want to tighten one down before we do the other. We kind of want to go back and forth and be even with it, so we don't pull the crossbar one way or the other, so it sits nice and even on our truck. So once we get both sides touching, we can just go back and forth, get that tightened down. You can see our tower's just compressing there. We're getting a nice fit. Just tighten it a little bit, go to the other side and do the same thing.Once we get those pretty close, we can just finish them off and we're going to get that same clicking noise we got earlier once we have those torqued down all the way. Then we can close that door right there. And then we can take our cap here and it hooks right into there. So just put it like that, snap it in place. Then we can go do the same thing on the other side, but once we get both sides done, we're going to be able to get our accessories loaded up and be ready to go. But that's going to do it for our look at the Yakima JetStream Crossbars System on our 2020 Ford F-150.

Nathan H.


Is this compatible on a 2020 F150 with panoramic sun roof?

Les D.


@NathanH The height of the "towers" where the cross bars attach is 4 inches plus a 1/4 inch or so for the mounting pad. However, if you clamp or bolt anything to these crossbars you will have to consider the portion below the crossbar. also if your roof has any dome to it, the crossbars hardware could be closer to the roof. This is typical of most cross bars.

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