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Yakima SkyRise HD Tent Review - 2013 Ram 2500

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Review of the Yakima SkyRise HD Tent on a 2013 Ram 2500

What's up, everybody It's AJ with Today, we're gonna be checking out the Yakima SkyRise Roof Top Tent, and we have them on our Yakima HD BedRock Rails here, mounted on the rails of the truck on this 2013 Ram 2500. Now, it's gonna be an awesome way to bring a tent with you, but you don't have to set anything up. It just kind of unfolds here on your bed. You can climb up on there and get to camping. Let's check it out.

One nice thing about having this on a truck bed instead of a roof is it's easier to access, and you're not quite as high up in the air, and you can just go ahead and adjust the tent easier. It was much easier to go ahead and install this on these bars here, then it would have been to lift it all the way up on the roof. Now it only took me and one friend to lift the whole tent up, so it's not that heavy when it's all compact, but that's the thing. You just need an extra set of hands to set it down on there, and then you can just pop it open. It was really easy.

And now this is all open in here and set to get camping. A lot of space in here. Plenty for me. I would be able to get my little sleeping bag in here, no issues. There's even some pockets here along the side, to store some stuff.

So if I wanna get my wallet out my pocket or if you had your phone, you could just store it in the side there, that way you don't have it in your pockets, and it's not just laying on the floor. You can kind of keep your area of your tent kind of clean with clutter and stuff not just being laying around. I will say that the floor here is nice and padded. It's much better than laying on the ground like you would with a normal tent, and there's enough there to where I don't feel the bottom. So it's not like a hard bottom of the tent.

I can push down on it here. I can come up there and show you a little bit better. I can push on it pretty good. And the padding I can pull up and you see, that's how thick it is. So that's what you're laying down on and it's pretty good. I felt like I could feel the middle part here when I was laying down, but I think if you just adjust and kind of put your knees there, you're not gonna feel it as much. I wouldn't just put your back on the straight up center. We have two side windows here. I've opened up this side here. That way it gets some air through, 'cause it was a little stuffy, and you can do the same thing on the other side. I can even open up the other door on the tent. This side will open up as well. And then I can go up here and do the top side too. You can roll that up right now and go from either fully exposed like this and open, or I can just roll this up and keep the mesh there too. Just want to show how it is mounted on our truck. These are the BedRock HD Bars here and these mount onto the sides of the bed with just a clamp style, so these we're really easy to install. And once we had these bars installed, then we could add the tent. The tent also follows suit. You don't need tools with that. It's really easy. You just have these clamps that go around the bar and you just turn this knob, and that's what tightens or loosens the clamps around there, and it's on there nice and tight. I can shake the whole trunk back and forth by the grip it has. I really like that we didn't have to use any tools 'cause you know, climbing in your bed of your truck, laying down there with your tools while you're trying to tighten this up underneath the tent, it is stressful. It's gonna be hard. This is way easier just to turn that knob, tighten it. It's nice and tight and you can move along to the next one. The nice security feature is each one of these clamps lock. So you can lock it up when you've got it all set up so that nobody can mess with it when you're not around. Another nice thing about being on the truck bed is you get a little bit longer bars. These are gonna be 78 inches long, and that leaves us a little bit of space on this side, then if you want to put a bike rack on there, let's say you already have a ball mount in the hitch, you don't want to tow anything behind you. You can put a bike rack up here and haul that as well right next to your tent. Now for some measurements real quick. Now, it's gonna be a little bit different. Our truck is lifted today, so it's gonna be taller than a normal truck, but let's go ahead and see how far from the ground it actually is. So we're gonna go from the ground to the very top of our pad here, it's gonna be 67 1/2 inches of height to get up into the tent. And then we're gonna go from the edge of the bed right there, all the way to the edge of the tent, and that's about 46 1/2 inches of sticking out. Now that's only gonna be when you're parked to have this tent open like this, so just keep that in mind. Now it's time to pack up the tent. It's really easy. You just grab the ladder, kind of use it to push up the tent and put it back into place. Now, another part of this is you gotta come up here to the ladder, and it's got a hook and loop strap that goes around it. That's just gonna keep the ladder in place during travel. You're gonna have that, attach that hook and loop. That'll just keep it from coming undone when you're driving down the road. Once I set the cover in place, just kind of pull it down around the tent. It was really easy to install, then you got hook and loop fasteners on every corner and you put those, and then you got some buckles here, two on each side to go ahead and just buckle up. And then you can cinch it down a little tighter there. That way it's safe for travel. So overall, my experience with this, I've really liked it. I put it on these rails. I like that it's above the bed instead of the roof. It was much easier to climb up and in and out of the tent, and even lift it up and set it in place. Another great thing about having it on the back of your truck is you can still store stuff underneath your tent. So my cooler is still right there under the tent. If I need something, I can just drop the tailgate and grab it. I really like how it doesn't use up the bed at all, but I still get to use it as kind of a storage place, and I still get the tent all in one place. Well, I think that about does it. Thanks for hanging out. I hope this helped..

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