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Yakima SkyRise HD Tent Review - 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee

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Review of the Yakima SkyRise HD Tent on a 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Hey, everybody. Welcome to I'm Bobby, and today we're taking a look at the Yakima Sky Rise, HD tent for three people here on our 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Now the Sky is gonna be amazing for you because it's gonna be a great place to sleep, and it's on top of our car. So anywhere we might go, we are gonna have a place to rest our heads, and it's gonna be very, very easy for us to go ahead and start utilizing this guy. Well, let's go ahead and start getting it set up.

So in our first step today, we're just gonna go ahead and start taking off all these buckles that actually hold our cover on place on here. Now, one thing about this guy, though, you will notice we just have this in the middle of our Cherokee today. One thing about it, you could go ahead and bring this a little bit more towards one side of your vehicle, if you're wanting today. Today, we've just gone ahead and thrown it on here. like it's the only thing we have.

Granted, you probably will have a little bit of room on either end if you bring it. That way, you might have a little bit of room for maybe like a bike rack or maybe a kayak carrier, or a host of different other accessories. Well we can go ahead and just start popping off our buckles here all across our cover. So we gone ahead and removed all six of the buckles as you saw two on either side and one on the back and front. And now we just wanna go ahead and start removing our hook and loop that's actually holding this cover tight on each corner.

So we can go ahead and start moving those now. Now, depending on what side do you wanna go ahead and mount this, you are gonna have these zippers here on our corners. Today, we have it facing our driver's side today. So I'm just gonna go ahead and start unzipping. So now we have those unzipped.

We just have a bunch of hook and loop. That's actually running across the bottom here on our sides. So we'll go ahead and start removing that on all of our sides. Now that all our hook and loop has been removed, we can go ahead and take off our cover. One little helpful trick, if you go ahead and remove all four of your corners. That way, most of it's still kind of bunched at the top there, gonna make this take down just a little easier. Now that we have everything undone, I do wanna point out exactly where we wanna be. As you can see, we have this nice open side here. You can see on this hinge that it's actually gonna fold out and over a little bit. So this is actually the side you wanna be standing on and actually get it fold out. Once you have the cover off, way easier to tell exactly what position you are actually in. So we just wanna hop up here, and start grabbing our ladder so we can extend it out a little bit. So we're gonna go ahead, start utilizing our ladder to bring this down. We can go ahead and actually use that ladder to support it all the way as much as we want. So we can go ahead and actually start condensing these. They have little nice little locking tabs here that makes it really easy to push it up, and make sure we are nice and set wherever we need to be. We'll go ahead and make sure ladder's a nice 75 degree angle. And also, it is gonna be getting a lot of that weight and supporting our tent as it's sitting there. So make sure it's nice and solid. So you can see as I'm going up on it, it's doing a good job. Not flexing in too much. And we have a nice standard 75 degrees going up. And as I walk up, I can go ahead and just start furling up my front flap here. It does have zippers on the side that we wanna bring up first. And that's gonna go ahead and allow us to start rolling it up. At the very top, you're gonna have a ring and a bar latch here. All we have to do is throw that latch through. We'll have to hook in, it'll hold up our canvas. Now that we have our outer flat removed, we can go ahead and start removing our screen to the front here. We just have a little zipper here that's gonna zip around. Open up for ourselves. If we wanted to as well, we can go ahead and fold this guy to the top again. You're gonna see you have these little ring catches once more, and another bar latch on the inside here. So we'll go ahead and fold it up really quick. Now that our screens are removed, all we have to do is walk right in and get comfy. So here we are inside of the tent actually, and you can see my torso does a great job still being able to sit up all the way. Not touching the top here. Now I'm somewhat of a tall guy, about 6'1. So as you can see, plenty of space in here, at least for one person. Now this is a three man tent So we're gonna go ahead and check out what it feels like to have another person in here, but I do like how spacious it is. I can lay down all the way as you can see if I was on this side here. I have full room to go ahead and actually put my head down. I am a little close to the wall here, but as you can see, still plenty of room for a couple other people. Well, we've gone ahead and grab John here, my friend, and go ahead and give us some of his thoughts. And we have a couple more people in here. John, what do you thinking now that we're both sitting in this tentI think it's a really spacious tent, especially for somebody like me that's a little bit on the shorter end. I think, you know, somebody, you're a little taller than me. It definitely works well for that if you've got, you know, maybe a shorter person and a taller person. I feel like we have more than enough room, and if we genuinely did want to put another person in here, we could. There's a lot of arm room. Yeah, I still think, you know, if we had somebody of a similar build to us, we definitely will be able to squeeze in here. Now it might get a little bit more, you know, a little close. However, we've got a couple of friends. Not gonna be too bad. So I think we're doing all right. I think one of the best features of this tent though, is how many windows we actually get. As you can see, we're having one on either side, one on the front where you guys are, behind me, and two up on our roof. So really, if you're really wanting all that breeze, almost this entire thing can be certainly get apart, and it's very easy to do so. On the inside, we do have access to our zippers on either end. So it makes it really easy to start opening it up and feel a lot of that breeze. One thing I really dig as well is those open windows. As we have nice little mesh pockets on either corner, that can be great for everybody to store their wallets, cell phones, or even water bottles or anything else you might need when you are camping. So as you can see, we've already gone ahead and opened one of our windows here. Already, you're letting in a ton more light, and especially a lot more breeze, which I like. Now our internal dimensions are gonna be pretty spacious. Just to give you guys a rough estimate. You're looking about 54 inches on the inside of these posts, but 92 inches long and about 41 inches to the top of here. I really do like this height. I'm not bumping my head, especially with having a longer torso. It's nice that I have so much room to actually move around. On the inside here, one thing I like to mention, it is a little windy today, but I really haven't felt it that much. I'm sure I'd feel the breeze, of course, if I opened all the windows, but with everything getting all these gusts, I really don't feel it moving too much. The aluminum struts here, do a very good job of getting us a lot of structure, and I'm not feeling like I'm in a wind tunnel while I'm sitting up on our Jeep. Well, now that we've gotten an idea of what the inside looks like, let's go ahead, hop around, and start seeing what it looks like on our Jeep. One last little thing I want to talk about too while we're climbing down here, we actually have a very nice mattress on the inside here. Laying on it for a bit, I was surprised at how comfy they are. Usually with tents and stuff, you're like, oh, I gotta buy my own little mattress pad thing. I think this guy actually would hold up quite well for a lot of people. It's about two and a half inches thick, so you aren't gonna be feeling that hard under shell on the backside here. And one great thing about it too, that cover easily comes off and is machine washable. So, you know, you are getting a little dirty on your trip, not gonna to be too much of a pain to take this guy off and make sure it's clean for the next run. So I wanted to go ahead and give us an idea exactly how this is working with our Jeep today. Now, when we do mount this, our furthest mounting clamp can actually be about an inch on the outside of our tower. Today, you'll notice we do have it on the inside. So we're taking up most of the room on our Cherokee today, but we do have a way that we can actually move that away. But I wanna go ahead and just check and see how far exactly we are from the end of our posts to see how much extension we're gonna be working with. So today I'm about 15 and one quarter inches to the outside of that mounting post. You can see definitely adding a little bit of length to our vehicle. If I go ahead and take a quick little look here, and see exactly from the end of our outside of our vehicle to here, kind of eyeballing it here guys, but it's about three feet extended from the side of our vehicle. Now, one thing to keep in mind though, as we mentioned, we are kind of inset on that tower. If I we're to move at about an inch from my tower, I could get this about eight more inches to the outside here. So keep in mind, we could even add about eight to 10 inches, kinda even more extended from that measurement we just got. So now we have this extended. Keep in mind with that 75 degrees, you're looking at about a fourth of your height versus your width here. So let's go ahead and take a quick look to see how much extra extension we're getting just with our ladder being on the ground. And from the very end here, going straight up, it's putting us right at 31 and a half inches from the side of our tent. So just keep in mind, you will have a little bit more room as well with that tent, especially as you get this stacked more and more on the side of your vehicle. You're gonna need a lot more space on the outside. However, hopefully, not gonna be too big of a deal as we can park this wherever we need to. One awesome thing about this as well, is we actually do have room to open the back of our hatch. Even though we are on those fixed mounts, we're not actually encroaching too much on our back end here. So as you can see, I can pop this guy, can swing this out, and we still get full access to our cargo. Now I can get anything I might need in there. That'd be coolers, anything that we might have in the back. Our sleeping bags, we can go ahead and start throwing it up in there. It's ready to access. A couple of awesome things with it as well. It does come with a nice little rain tarp. You can see getting a little cloudy here. Just me personally, I'd probably go ahead and start setting them up. It also does come with some nice tie downs as well for that. And what's great, you can go ahead and actually put those into the ground. Now, keep in mind if you are in a pavement like us, not gonna be a great place to put it. However, most of us can be probably enjoying that nice outdoors and have ample room to actually get those stakes in play. One thing with it too. It is somewhat a little small, I think for three people, maybe of my size. It be about two and a half kind of my people's size. Definitely great for like a family kind of feel. Definitely one kiddo in there, not gonna be too bad at all. Of course, we can always make it happen. Just gonna have to get nice and comfy with some people. Well, just by using The Sky for a little bit, I definitely am a fan. It seems awesome. We'll be able to take this guy out wherever we want to, and have it set up and that way, we have a nice place to crash our heads for the night. Well, I think that about does it for our look at the Yakima Sky Rise three-person tent here on our 2014 Grand Jeep Cherokee. I'm Bobby. Thank you for watching..

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