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Yakima StraightShot Hitch Extension Review - 2021 Ford Bronco

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Review of the Yakima StraightShot Hitch Extension on a 2021 Ford Bronco

Hi, everyone. It's Evangeline here at etrailer, and we're gonna be taking a look at our Yakima StraightShot hitch extender right here on our 2021 Ford Bronco. You have a Ford Bronco, you have a spare tire, and you have the factory hitch. What you may have noticed is you can't really put a lot of accessories because they come in contact with that spare tire. That's where the Yakima StraightShot hitch extender comes in handy, because then it pushes your hitch receiver out, allows you to carry accessories like your bike racks, your cargo carriers, and still have a good time with your Ford Bronco. This extends out seven and a quarter inches.

So that's being measured from the hitch pin hole of your hitch receiver, all the way to the hitch pin hole of the extender. So when you have your accessories, I have here the Yakima on ramp bike rack. We now have a little bit of extra space. It's not that long of a hitch extender though, it's just enough for those accessories because as you can see here, there's just enough space for our bike rack before it makes contact with our spare tire. So this includes an anti rattle bolt, a split washer, and a clip for the end.

So if you want it secure, I highly recommend picking up a Yakima anti-rattle bolt with a lock. That way you can secure your hitch extender. And the tools that are gonna be used is you do get a wrench to tighten this down, or you can do what I do. I use a 15, 16, or a 24 millimeter socket that tightens it down a lot easier a lot faster. So this is made of a durable steel construction with a black powder coat finish.

This is designed to be used with Yakima accessories, but you could also use this with other accessories since it really just works as a hitch extender. Another thing to note though, is this is designed for accessories and not for towing. Just to give you that extra clearance. Another thing to keep in mind, is that it would reduce your hitch capacity by 50%. So the good news is most bike racks, most cargo carriers still work perfectly fine at half of your tongue weight on your hitch.

So with my experience with the Ford Bronco is when it first arrived, I had a hard time figuring out what kind of bike racks what kind of cargo carriers I could use with this because of its spare tire. If you're not sure where your hitch clearance is gonna be, measure from the end of your hitch pin hole out, and then measure the height up to underneath the spare tire. Most of our bike racks, most of our cargo carriers will not fit. There's two solutions for that. One, get a different hitch. The Draw-Tite hitch actually sits a little bit further out, gives you a little extra clearance. The second option is this. Definitely get a Yakima StraightShot hitch extender because then it's an easy way to get more clearance, and allow you to carry all those fun accessories with your Ford Bronco. That right there was a really quick look here at our Yakima StraightShot hitch extender on our 2021 Ford Bronco..

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