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TorkLift GlowStep Revolution Steps Manufacturer Review

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Manufacturer Review of the TorkLift GlowStep Revolution Steps

Hi, I'm Randy Fisher, National Sales Manager with Torklift International. We're here today in Kent, Washington at the Campground of America doing the Glow Step Revolution Challenge. What's the Glow Step Revolution Challenge It's simple: What we've done is we've taken a normal travel trailer with the factory step and we've installed, here, our new Glow Step Revolution to compare.Speaker 2: Cause this is too high for me.Okay, so this is the factory step. Go ahead and .Speaker 2: All right. I'm in.Okay. Now, I'd like you to come on down and just stand on the first step.Speaker 2: I don't like this.So, what are some of the things that you noticed about this factory RV stepSpeaker 2: It's jiggly.You're jiggly.Speaker 2: Yes, and they have holes in them.They have holes in them, too.

Absolutely.Speaker 2: They're too high. I need a booster step at the bottom.Too high Okay.Speaker 2: I'm in.Okay, now come on down and let's have you stand on the first step. How does that compare What do you noticeSpeaker 2: There isn't any comparison. There isn't. Those are sturdy.

They feel secure. I have a bad hip, I'm waiting for hip replacement and I can go up and down these stairs.Give it a shot.Speaker 3: I'm ready.Okay, now come on down and just stand on the bottom step there. Why don't you jump up and down a few times.Speaker 3: Woo hoo! Am I going to break itWell, I hope not. What do you notice about this stepSpeaker 3: Actually, I don't feel secure. I don't, it's sort of feels like I'm just kind of going uh.

I'm kind of a little nervous on it.Okay. How about the step height from .Speaker 3: I'd rather . Now this one yeah, this one is a big step for me. It's more of a step than I would be comfortable with. Like thatWhat do you think of this one compared to that oneSpeaker 3: It's a lot more secure.

It feels a little more sturdy. I don't feel like I'm going to break something. It doesn't feel like I'm going to fall off or the step is going to bend over. That's what those kind of feel like, they're going to just flop over and I'll fall. Plus then the bottom step is real easy.Speaker 4: Go! Here, come here, Nelly, don't get into anything! Okay come up, Francis, come. Francie come. There's holes in them. She's gotten her toenail caught.Okay.Speaker 4: I don't think she's .So she's afraid to go up those stepsSpeaker 4: We have our wrapped because .Okay, gotcha. Looks like going up the steps is no longer a problem. Francie gives the safe step two paws up! Okay. Give me your thoughts. What's going onSpeaker 5: They're a little flimsy, a little rocky.Okay, give me a little jump. Okay. I'll have you go ahead and walk up.Speaker 5: Definitely sturdier. Yeah, they're not going anywhere, that's better. Definitely. Nice. That's pretty good. Want me to do it againSure! Give it one more time. You like it so much .Speaker 5: Yeah, I'm just trying to figure out if there's any bad parts here and it doesn't look like it. It's definitely a quality made, good deal. You might be onto something there.The Glow Step Revolution was hands-down the preferred step by these RV'ers. We challenge you to try the Glow Step Revolution and see if you agree.

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