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Lippert SolidStep RV and Camper Steps Manufacturer Review

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Manufacturer Review of the Lippert SolidStep RV and Camper Steps

The Solid Step by Lippert Components has taken the RV industry by storm. Why are so many customers switching to the solid step every day Our customers asked for a better RV entry step. So we listened, simply put. RVers had to settle for the common RV entry step that hadn't been updated in decades, because quite frankly, that's all that was available.Clearance on the old standard entry steps has always been an issue. When the entry door is open, the RVer has very little clearance between the door threshold and the first step. This can make getting in and out of the RV tricky, especially in the dark.On most triple steps, the first tread is anywhere between 8 1/4 to 9 1/4 inches deep.

That's less than one foot of landing space to step on when exiting the trailer. The total reach or distance from the threshold to the last step is roughly 26 inches for the old style triple step. This makes getting up and down the stairs a bit of a chore for those without the best balance.Another common complaint is the step's likely ability to rust, and eventually become difficult to deploy and retract. Because these old style steps are stored underneath the RV when in transit, they are open to any and every element that Mother Nature throws at them.Last, but not least, is the spongy or bouncing feeling the RVer gets when using these steps, which is not ideal for those without the best of balance.The Solid Step by Lippert Components solves all of these issues and more, with its innovated and patented design. Let's see how it works.Let's first address the clearance issue.

The Solid Step has an extra large top step which measures 13 inches deep. This makes entering and exiting the RV easier than ever, especially in the dark or when carrying items in or out of the RV. The Solid Step also improves on the total step reach, or distance from the entry door to the last step. The Solid Step reaches a maximum 23 inches for a double step, 31 inches for a triple step and 40 inches for a quad step. This improved distance allows for a more natural climbing and descending motion.Because the Solid Step is stored inside the trailer and not underneath the floor, it's protected from the elements during travel.

Deploying and storing the Solid Step is simple. Just operate the easy grab handle which unlatches the step from the door to the lower step. Raise the step back to the door frame, and use the grab handle to lock the step back into place.Finally, the Solid Step tackles the stability issue with flying colors. Using the two adjustable foot pads, you can laterally level the step. Just release the pin and ease the footpads down to the desired level.

This feature allows the steps to stay parallel to the ground, reducing the risk of slipping or falling during use. And since the Solid Step is grounded, the bouncing and sponginess is now eliminated. Best of all, the Solid Step extendible legs lay behind the bottom step, so there are no tripping hazards.So, which Solid Step is right for you The Solid Step comes in two, three and four step configurations. To order the correct step, you'll need to take a couple quick measurements. First, measure the height from the ground to your entry door threshold. This height measurement will determine whether you'll need a double, triple or quad Solid Step. Next, measure inside edge to inside edge of your entry door frame. Then, round up to the nearest even number. This will determine whether you need the standard or wide Solid Step option.Installation can be done without a technician. Simply have these tools available. All necessary fasteners needed for installation are included. The Solid Step kit also features a floor backing plate, which ensures that the step is securely installed on those RVs without the proper floor support underneath the door threshold.Brand new to the Solid Step in 2018 is our lift assist kit. With a few easy modifications, your Solid Step can be easily lifted and lowered with one finger. Once installed, the lift assistance integrated gas strut takes just about all the weight off of the step. Best of all, the Solid Step lift assist kit will fit any Lippert Components generation three, triple or quad Solid Step model, so these owners can easily make their Solid Step virtually weightless.Other advantages of the Solid Step over the competition include a full threshold panel behind the top step, which protects the trailer sidewall and skirt from damage. All steps, other than the 13 inch top step, measure 8.5 inches deep for easier footing.The Solid Step. Another great innovation from Lippert Components. Where we make the RVing experience that much easier. At Lippert Components, your journey begins here.

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