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Stromberg Carlson Chock Wheel Stabilizers Manufacturer Review

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Stromberg Carlson Chock Wheel Stabilizers Manufacturer Review

Gunnar Bramer here with Stromberg Carlson products, and today I wanna introduce to you guys the T-chock. Let's dive in and check it out. So the T-chock is designed for your tandem-axle trailers. Because you got two axles. So even with a wheel chock in front and back of both wheels, there's gonna be a little bit of play here that's going to give us a little bit of rock to your trailer. The T-chock is going to be able to apply pressure to both axles, stop these wheels from having any wiggle room, and it's going to shore up your foundation.

The other massive advantage, and this is something I saw this weekend when my wife and I we're up, but if you have to use levelers, if you have to literally get these wheels up two or three inches to level your trailer laterally, you then can't use a chock, right You can't just throw something in front of that wheel, 'cause your wheels are off the ground. And the T-chock is going to allow you to stabilize these wheels and this axle, even when you're using a leveler system, to make sure that you have a nice, balanced ride. The two inch is going to be about the minimum. You can see my wheels are pretty close to that, but it can expand all the way out to a distance of 17 inches for a tandem-axle trailer. On top of that, it's got a nice rust-resistant coating, and all the packages include this wrench, that's the 3/4 inch wrench that you use to tighten down the bolt that runs through the whole system, making the x-braces expand out.

So let me just take this off real quick, I'll show you a really simple in and out and give you guys an outro. You can see it's collapsed all the way down in it's simplest form, I've got a nice little grab handle here. We're just going to push that between your wheels and you can see these right here, have a nice grippy path. That's really going to dig into that rubber and make sure that those wheels can't rotate at all. And you're just going to screw that bolt down clockwise until it's finger tight.

Come up with your wrench here, that's going to, this wrench, by the way, it works with all the competitors as well. The most common ones all run a 3/4 inch bolt up here. That's that. It's literally shored up my tandem axle trailer with no play whatsoever, completely firm foundation, even if the wheels we're off the ground on a leveler. And then to take it off, you just switch the direction, reverse it.

And that's the T-chock right there. You can get just a single pack or a double pack. All the packages include the wrench with it, so you don't have to worry about that. If you also need a wrench or if you we're kind of mixing and matching brands, you can get the wrench just on its own, which again, works with competitors as well. Anything with that 3/4 inch bolt, you're good to go. So thanks for watching, guys..

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