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Curt Grip Step Trailer Hitch Mounted Step Review

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Reivew of the Curt Grip Step Trailer Hitch Mounted Step

Hi everyone, It's Evangeline here at etrailer. And today we're going to be taking a look at our Curt Grip hitch mounted trailer step. So there's two versions of this step. One is just a straight step where it sticks straight out from your hitch receiver. Another one is this one, which has what is technically a six inch drop. Now to measure that, that's from your hitch to the bottom of this step.

That's six inches. Now the actual drop that I would consider as a drop is from the top of the step to your hitch. And that's four inches from your hitch. Now, as for the length added to the back of your hitch receiver from the hitch pin hole to the end of this step, it's about eleven and a half inches. Now you might be wondering why would you use a hitch mounted step Well, most of your GM and RAM and other trucks have a bumper step now, but the issue is when they are lifted, kind of like what we have here.

Notice how tall that step is, which means I don't have enough leverage to get anything into my truck bed. So with this hitch step that creates a drop. This now makes it a bit closer for me to step on. That way, I have the leverage and traction I need as I load and unload my truck bed. So depending on your hitch receiver, we have a two and a half inch hitch receiver here with a sleeve.

But also with just pretty much, most of your two inch hitch receivers. You may notice that there is a little bit of movement on the inside. That's because what's holding it in is a hitch pin and not an anti-rattle bolt. Now while you may be concerned at first about that movement, once you finally do step on it, it stays there. So you really shouldn't be that concerned during the loading and unloading process.

So this is called the Curt Grip step because of these expanded metal treads. So notice how they kind of have these teeth in those treads, and that's going to provide superior grip and traction better than those tiny cleats that you might see on other steps. This will actually help out with mud, snow and ice, since it will grip onto that. And you can see how they will just drop through. So compared to steps that have this kind of a grip where you don't have as much of an opening. This can pack up really quickly. So it's nice to see the difference when it comes to traction. To help prevent snagging, since the grips are kind of on the sharper side you do have these smooth, rounded edges made of plastic. You will need to use a screwdriver or a drill to get those screw into it, to mount this, but this is a nice extra feature. So the weight capacity is going to be 350 pounds. So even if you are below that weight limit, don't forget that this also includes the weight of the load that you're carrying. So if you're using this as an extra step to help you get maybe lumber or other large cargo into your truck bed, just remember that weight capacity. Now, if you've noticed our step does not reach to the end of the tailgate. In order to sit on the tailgate I had to run and jump onto it. I would have liked to have that step to give me a little extra boost. Especially if I am mounting things into my truck bed, we do have options here at etrailer. We have extensions if you really want to use it with a hitch step, but this is more ideal for situations when your tailgate is closed. So my final thoughts about this hitch step is I do like how it has that drop. When you do have your larger lifted vehicles it is going to be kind of difficult to step on the bumper step in order to load up your vehicle. This creates a pretty decent drop, which gives you that extra leverage and traction. Now it's not as low as I would prefer. I would prefer having a lower drop since it's kind of more of a four inch drop than a six inch drop. But then again, it is really up to you, your height, your application, and your truck. And that was a look here at our Curt Grip hitch mounted step with a six inch drop here at etrailer. My name is Evangeline and I hope you enjoyed the journey..

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