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Access Vanish Soft Roll-Up Tonneau Cover Review

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Review of the Access Vanish Soft Roll-Up Tonneau Cover

Colin: Hey, guys, it's Colin here at etrailer. Today we're going to take a look at Access's line of Vanish soft roll-up tonneau covers. Right now, we have one installed on our GMC Canyon. We're going to go through some of the features of it and show you how it works.This soft tonneau cover is going to protect any contents inside your truck bed from the elements. It's a really great addition that's going to also add the looks to your truck. Now, how it operates is we have our tailgate, and we'll go and open that up.

You have to open up your tailgate to be able to unlock the cover. There's a latch on the driver's side that we just pull, opens up the cover, and now we can roll it up.It's a really nice and easy one-man operation. You can roll up the cover all the way to the cab of your pickup so that you can have full bed access. And with it in this position, you can actually travel like this. You can see we're not adding a lot of height to the top of our bed right now.

And especially with this mid-sized truck, this really paints a good picture of still having a ton of visibility out of your rear window. So like here, we have full bed access. We can actually travel with it in this position by securing these two straps. That way it's going to hold it in place while we're traveling.We are going to have two tension adjusters on our cover. There's going to be one on the passenger side rail and the one on the driver's side rail.

You can just turn these left or right to get your cover properly taut so that it's not billowing while you're driving. If you need to tighten it up, there is an arrow pointing towards the inside, letting you know you turn it that way to tighten it up. If you think your cover is too tight, then just turn it the opposite way to get it loose. You do want to keep in mind the side rails are going to be sitting inside your truck bed about three and a quarter inches, and they're also going to be adding about a half inch to the height of your truck bed.As I unroll it, you're going to see we have these aluminum support bars that are making sure that our cover stays supported. You see that it sits right on top of our side rails.

We'll just keep on rolling it. There's one right there. And we have our second one. Again, because this is only a five-foot bed of a GMC Canyon, there is only two. However, if you have a bigger truck, you're probably going to have more of those integrated into the cover. That just really helps keeping the cover taut.So you can see when I close it up and come back over here, you can feel our support bars really help make sure that cover doesn't billow too much. And then of course, you do want to make sure you secure all of your hook and loops to make sure it doesn't billow. With all this hook and loop, it's best to just lift up and then pull it towards you and then secure it. The hook and loop as well is going to keep out any water, dirt, and debris, along with making sure it doesn't billow too much. The bulkhead is going to have a seal on the front. That's just going to help make sure that no water or other debris gets in. What's really nice about this cover is that it's really surrounded on all four sides to make sure that it keeps your contents safe from the elements.Now, we're looking at a really nice, vinyl construction on our top. That's going to be UV resistant and it's going to hold up for a lot of years of use. This does add to the sleekness of your truck and it just looks really good. Now, like I said, this cover is going to look great on your truck, but one thing you want to keep in mind, and this goes for all soft covers, is that they aren't going to be the best stuff in turns. Basically what they do is just make sure it keeps your stuff out of sight, so no one can just come up and grab them.However, if you're the type of person that only just puts stuff in there when you're driving your truck around, and then when you get to your destination, you're taking them out, then this cover is going to be a great option. But if you're the type of person who likes to keep tools in the back and just keep anything you might need in the back so that wherever you are, you have it with you, then I'd recommend looking into something a little bit more durable. One that comes to mind is the BAK Industry's Revolver X2. Now, that's going to be another roll-up cover, but it's just going to be made out of aluminum all the way through with a cover on top to make sure it's really durable and holds up well to any rugged use.Now, with our latch being on the inside of the truck bed, that is a really nice feature so that when we close up our tailgate and lock it, no one's going to be able to access that latch to open up our cover once we lock our tailgate. Overall, the Vanish soft tonneau covers are going to be a really great cost-effective option for your truck. If you're just looking for something to keep the elements out and you're not planning on storing anything in the bed, this is going to do a great job with that.

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