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Adarac Pro Series Custom Truck Bed Ladder Rack Review

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Review of the Adarac Pro Series Custom Truck Bed Ladder Rack

What's up everybody Adam here with etrailer. Today we're gonna be taking a look at a pretty cool upgrade for your truck. And it's the Adarac Pro Series custom ladder rack. What makes this ladder rack unique is if you have a tonneau cover that doesn't cover up your stake pockets, you can use it with it. So there's gonna be two different types. You're gonna have one that's just straight upright, and you're gonna have the other ones that are a little more in.

So with this one, we can get a tri-fold type hard tonneau cover on here. Depending on where these are, though, sometimes we will have a little bit of contact. But if you just had a hard rolling tonneau cover, even just a soft one, and those stake pockets are open, you can have the best of both worlds. Cover the contents of your bed for all the sensitive items, and then all the big stuff, just throw up on top. So we're using the Lomax hard tonneau cover, and as you can see, we don't have a whole lot of clearance, but it will work.

And that's just with the rails as far back as possible. So another one you could use is a hard rolling tonneau cover. It's the Bak Revolver X4. that would work with the ones that are uprights. That would also work with the ones that kind of come in at an angle.

Or we have another one that's a little bit shorter than these. So the roll up is definitely what you wanna go with if you go with the shorter version of this ladder rack. Our ladder racks are obviously for ladders, but you can put kayak up on here. We're using the Swagman J-Style carrier. Some of the other ones like the etrailer, the Yakima version and also the other types of rhino racks and stuff you might see on our website, some of those don't work.

But if you do want a kayak carrier for your ladder rack, the Swagman did work pretty well here. And that's just because of the studs right here. On the other versions that don't work, they're not long enough. But with the Swagman they are. So to get an idea, the bar, the overall height is about an inch and a half. And this is a square bar, so it's gonna be an inch and half by an inch and a half. So those wraparound accessories, if they work with that size, it's gonna work. Underneath this little weather strip is a t-slot. So those t-slot accessories are gonna work with this. I think that's probably your best bet when it comes to your accessories, just because it'll be as low profile as possible. We will have to trim this us up a little bit, but I like the fact that it's on here because it does help keep my ladder in place. Whatever we do plan on putting up onto the ladder rack, We don't wanna exceed 500 pounds. That's kind of a standard amount of weight. There's really nothing that's a little bit lower than that, mainly just up from there. So if you did wanna have a ladder rack rack with a tonneau cover and you want more weight, you can go ahead and grab the Thule SR Tracrac. So it has sliding rails, and you can use the BAK Revolver X4 with that for it to work. And that's gonna give you about 1,250 pounds of capacity. So it all just depends on what you're really wanting to do with it. So that's pretty much the gist of it when it comes to the Adarac Pro Series. A lot of different types. It is also gonna come in silver if you want to grab that, just depends on what kind of look you're really going for. But moving forward, let's just kind of get into the more in depth details about the rack. Let's go over some measurements. So from the bed rails all the way up to the bar, so this is where we're gonna be putting the ladders or whatever. It's about 26" just to the top of that bar. And then if we go up a little bit more, it's about 27-1/4" to the top of our little tie-down. So we're gonna have a tie-down on each end of each bar. And I have two hooks going through there right now, but there still is a little bit of room for maybe another, but again, they are plastic, so I wouldn't wanna put a whole lot of strain on 'em. But there are some other options for tie-downs on this rack. This isn't gonna come with the kit, but we do have some of these, and they come in a pack of four, so you can have one on each side. And it's gonna be perfect just for one single S hook or something like that. If you do have a double J hook or something it's not gonna work with it. But these can be purchased separately. There's another thing we can get though with this ladder rack. It's gonna be a load stop, but also it's gonna be a tie-down. So what these are gonna do, you would put these underneath. They mount through this hole and the track underneath with a bolt and a little slot, and it'll be like this. So we can sit here. We can loosen it up, put it up against our ladder on both sides, and then we can use this little ring right here to hook all of our straps onto. So these are also sold separately. These come in a kit of two. So maybe you wanna grab two of these for a ladder so you can have load ups on each side, on each bar. I also think it kind of looks cool, but there is a very premium option setup over here. So let's go check that out. Come on. So you wanna setup like this and you're not really wanting to break the bank, this is gonna be the most economical choice. Only giving us 500 pounds capacity, but covering our bed and give us some sort of load up on the bars. But moving on to the more premium option, I like this 'cuz it looks awesome. One, you can use the Retrax XR to work with this. Slides all the way back, which is cool. You are gonna lose a little bit of bed space with that, but then this is the Overhaul HD. Cool thing about the Overhaul, it is gonna have the same capacity as the Adarac but this is adjustable, and then we do have tie-downs built in which are metal, so they're gonna be a little bit heavier duty. And then they also use the heavy duty bar, so if you look up at the crossbar, we're gonna have tie-downs here as well. And another thing that's cool about this premium option is we're still gonna have the t-slot. We don't have to remove the cap to put those t-slots in, and these bars are gonna be around the same thickness of it. So your wraparound accessories are still gonna work. So it's kind of the same, but then moving all the way down, if you look down by the tower to the left right here, we are gonna have a locking core. So this is gonna lock to our truck. So the ladder rack's locked to it, and then the Retrax locks as well. So this is the more premium option. It looks cooler in my opinion, but again, very, very premium compared to the Adarac. So that's probably the best bet if you're just wanting to get into it. But again, if you're looking to just do some heavy hauling, you want to go with the Thule track rack. That's gonna pretty much double the capacity of both of these ladder racks. What I would do is I would keep a 9/16" socket in here if you're moving this around a lot. This isn't something that you're gonna be able to do from the outside of the truck, 'cuz I can start to move this side but then the other side doesn't come with it. So what you wanna do is take both your hands and then this way it'll slide a lot easier along that track. So we can slide it all the way back here, so we can use the whole entire bed if we really wanted to, or you can just completely take out those bolts that we loosened for it to slide, and you can just take the rack completely off. And that just about does it for our look at the Adarac Pro Series custom ladder rack..

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