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Adco Class A Motorhome RV Cover Review

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Review of the Adco Class A Motorhome RV Cover

Today we're going to be taking a look at the Adco RV Cover for Class A RVs. We have sizes that'll fit RVs between 25 feet and 43 feet. Your RV puts up with a lot while in storage. Heat, rain, snow, sleet and UV rays all take their toll. You can protect your investment with an Adco RV cover. These all-climate covers are designed to keep out the elements.

They'll even stand up to harsh winds. They're made with a Tyvec top panel that's water resistant yet breathable. This wi ll prevent mold and mildew from building up underneath. It features reinforced corners to resist snags and tears. Our sides are a polypropylene that bead water on contact.

Check it out. The straps help make it adjustable to fit the length of you RV. We even have straps underneath to ensure it can't blow away. The vents on the sides prevent moisture buildup and billowing. The zippered panels allow us to access our RV even while the cover remains in place. Adco also includes four tire guards for temporary use.

Now that we've gone over the features I'll go ahead and show you how to get it installed. First thing we need to do is find the front and the back. Let's go ahead and begin unfolding it the length of our RV. They will be labeled. The rear will say "rear". With it laid out, the first thing we need to do is unwind all of our straps and buckles.

Now we can finish spreading it out and then we're going to turn the whole thing inside-out. So folded inside-out, we're going to locate the corners, fold half of it inside out and then do the same thing on the opposite side. Once both halves are folded in, we can begin rolling it from the rear to the front. Then we'll take the whole thing and set it at the rear of our RV. Now we want to make sure the front of our over is facing towards the rear of our RV. Now we can grab ahold of it and head on up our ladder. And it's going to unroll as we climb. Now we want to carefully take the cover with us all the way to the front of the RV. On a windy day it's not a bad idea to get an extra set of hands to help you kind of keep it tight from front to back. But now let's go ahead and pull it forward to where the front hangs off the front of the RV. Then what we want to do is start working on our corners and pushing out and letting it hang off the sides. Once we get the corners folded down, we can then begin working our way back towards the rear and unfolding the sides and letting them hang. Once we get to the very rear, we want to do the corner opposite our ladder first and then grab the whole cover and climb down the ladder. Now we can just walk around our RV and pull down the rest of our cover. With our cover in place surrounding our RV, let's go ahead and adjust our cover to fit the length of our RV. We're going to start right here. We'll grab this corner flap and then the strap on the other side, connect them together and pull it like so. Now we'll do the front the same way. We're just going to continue working our way up. Then we'll just take our long straps here, the ones that are attached to these tabs, and bring them underneath and on to the other side. Here on the other side we'll just attach it and then pull it tight. And we're going to repeat this for all of our tabs. Our very bottom straps are cinch straps. We can just pull those tight and then connect them here. Our very top straps are cinch straps as well. We may or may not need a ladder, depending on your RV. We're all set. When you're ready to use your RV again, just undo all your buckles and then pull it off. I'm going to start right here on the corner. Then we can just move to our other corner and help it along. Now, should it get caught on your vents, just go up there and disconnect them. Then we can just pull it the rest of the way off. The whole thing folds up and it stows in the included bag. And that's going to complete our look at the Adco Class A RV Cover.

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