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Adco Travel Trailer SFS AquaShed Cover Review

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Review of the Adco Travel Trailer SFS AquaShed Cover

What's up everybody. It's AJ with Today, we're gonna be checking out the SFS Aqua shed from ADCO. This is going to be a cover for your travel trailer and you just want to throw it on there when it's not in use, just to keep it looking nice. It's going to protect her from the elements, UV rays, and it's going to be breathable, so you don't get any of that mildew buildup on the inside. Let's check it out! First thing you're gonna want to do is measure your rig. Make sure you get the right cover for your trailer.

Now, this one we're working with today, length is going to be the more important measurement and what it works with. It's going to work with trailers of a length of 20 feet and one inch, all the way up to 22 feet long. Now, the other measurements you're going to need is height. So you're gonna go from the very bottom to the top of the roof. Don't worry about the AC or anything that sticks up past the roof because there is extra on top of there to go over those items.

Those aren't part of that measurement. And then of course you want to measure the width out too, just to check that out and keep that in mind. Another thing to think about is where you're going to store your travel trailer. What climate is going to be in Different covers have different advantages for that. This is the Aqua shed.

So it's meant to keep those elements out, but it's more for short term storage. It still does a great job, but it's not the cover you're going to need to put it over there for the whole Winter. If you're looking for something like that, where you go to put it away for the Winter, several months in a row, I would look at the polypropylene one. That one breathes a little bit better and it's meant for long term storage. One of the benefits of the Aqua shed and it being a short term storage cover, is you can still get access to your doors on your trailer to get in there.

So if you're just doing it on there for the weekend or for a week, you don't have to worry about pulling the whole cover off just to get in there, or climbing underneath the cover to get in there. It has two panels that unzip and roll all the way up in the top. And you'll see they're fastened with hook and loop. So you roll it up there and you can access your door. So you can still get in there and grab something. or put something in there, or get out of there. You're not stuck with taking off the cover every time you need access. And then there's another panel back here, just in case your trailer has it's door more towards the back Looking at the cover, it fits on here nice and tight on our trailer. That's because there's a lot of points of adjustment. We're going to have two straps here on the backside and the front side. Then you can adjust. You can just pull on here, and it gets that extra cover that would normally, because of the windy day it is now, be billowing in the wind or moving a lot more. But this keeps everything nice and tight on the back here and on the front, along with the elastic band here at the bottom, this makes it easier. So this isn't just blowing in the wind, it actually gets sucked in right here and we go to pull it out, it wants to go right back there and stay there. So that's pretty helpful too. And then down the sides, you have these straps that come all the way across and you can pull those nice and tight and that's going to pull it in to further keep this cover from blowing around in the wind. Something else you'll see here on the side is going to be these two vents. You can see there's one here and there's one over here and that's just going to help this cover breathe. That way you don't get mildew and stuff. If water does get in there, it's not going to cause a bunch of issues. That way it can breathe and vent out here. With all that in mind, you know, when using this for a short term storage, you would probably want to know how easy it is to get on there or take back off. It's actually not that bad. You just follow the instructions. It goes step-by-step, just follow me and see how I did it. With our cover unrolled, We actually have it flipped inside out. So you see the gray sides facing up. And once you identify the rear and the front of the cover, what you're gonna want to do is start the rear, like we are here, we're gonna loosely roll it up to the front, that way it's easier to get up on that roof. With it loosely rolled up, I moved it closer to the trailer. And what you're going to do is, once you get on the roof of your travel trailer, you're going to grab the front, where it says right here, and kind of just drag that along the roof up there. And that's going to set everything into place. You're just going to slowly walk to the front and adjust it. Now what's going to happen is I'm going to climb up that ladder. Cameraman Aiden's actually going to hand this to me and then I'm going to do that. Before we start installing the cover, you want to go ahead and put the rain gutter covers on there. Just put that around and pull the strings, then tighten it up. This going to get that nice tight on there and protect it when you add your cover. Now, while you're up here, be careful, make sure you don't trip on your AC unit or damage that or any of the other vents that are up here. So you're gonna slowly drag the cover towards the front and kind of spread it out as I do that. We're gonna make sure it doesn't get caught on anything. Like up here, it's on this vent, so I got to walk over here to make sure it comes up and over that. That way it pulls up here nice and evenly. Now we'll go ahead and pull the cover to the corners. Does have a tapered edge on this one so I don't want it too close to it. We'll just go ahead and get it unfolded. Aiden You pulled along the top. Maybe it started there, and then we'll move the ladder up and keep adjusting it. Now is easily. Pull it down on both corners, make sure to do it evenly and not adding any stress to the cover. Good way to look is see that logo says 'front', make sure that's even. It's a good way to see and make sure that covers on there correctly. With our cover pulled down evenly on our trailer, we can come back through and adjust the straps on the side. There's gonna be on the front and the back and some underneath. What we're gonna do is take the rubber band off. Unravel it. I'll just bring it over here. Make sure that's straight. We'll clip it in. And then from here, you can pull out the slack, that way there's going to be less cover flapping around. That already looks way better. Now we got some weights that are included with your cover. And what you're gonna do is clip them in right here. And see, now it's going to help you throw this to the other side. So all we're going to do is grab it, throw it over there. And you do get two of these, so you can do them two at a time, which would make it way quicker. Now on this side, and just disconnect the weight, pop in that clip. And you can pull it a little tighter, don't go too tight, but just enough to pick up that slack underneath. We'll do that on both of these here. With the straps tightened underneath and on the front and back, you're done. You got your cover installed. It actually wasn't that big a deal. I was a little intimidated first thing like, "Ah, I gotta climb up there and go along the roof with the cover. How I'm going to hold that on my shoulder while I do that" But actually, you followed the instructions I gave you, pretty easy. It was very easy to do and it doesn't hurt to have an extra set of hands, cameraman Aiden definitely helped me out on the other side, that way we could just evenly pull it down and get it all strapped up. But it's that easy. I'm impressed with it. I think it's going to be great to help you protect your rig from UV rays or even the elements. Like it looks like it's going to rain now. So a good thing we've got our cover on. Thanks for hanging out. I hope this helped..

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