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Advent Air Rooftop RV Air Conditioner Review

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Review of the Advent Air Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

You're going to be taking a look at Advent Air rooftop RV air conditioner, part number ACM135.You can see its very nice, sleek look. It's got a nice thick cover on it to keep the elements out. It's going to have a cooling capacity of 13,500 BTU per hour, so it's really going to cool your RV down fast and keep it that way. You can hear the AC unit running. It's pretty quiet.The dimensions of the whole unit are going to be 24 and 7/8, by 31 and 3/16, by 12 and 13/16. This unit is only going to weigh approximately 68 pounds, and it's going to require an opening in your roof that's 14 and 1/4 by 14 and 1/4.One thing that's really great about this air conditioner is it's not going to take any additional sealer to go around our hole.

This thick gasket, or foam, is going to seal that gap.One thing you may want to look into, it's called a start capacitor. And what that does is, when you start up your unit, some of the units, with them being as heavy-duty as they are will start up really slow, and it'll take a minute to lock cold air. A start capacitor basically acts like a jump starter, so that when you hit the on button in the RV, this thing is going to kick on right away and it's going to blow out a blast of cold air for you.This is what our inside vent cover looks like once it's installed. You're going to have your return side, and then where it says push here on each side of this tab, this comes down. All your wiring's right up inside of there.

This side is where your AC is going to blow out. Now this particular unit is for RVs and campers that already have ducts run into this area, to where you can close off each one of these and it just blows through the vents that run through the RV. Or you can open them, each one of these little slide vents, and it will actually blow air straight into the room here on top of blowing some air through the vent ducts.That'll do it for a look at Advent Air rooftop RV air conditioner.

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