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Advent Air Rooftop RV Air Conditioner Review

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Review of the Advent Air Rooftop Rv Air Conditioner

Speaker 1: Today we'll be taking a look at the Advent rooftop air conditioning system. This is what our unit is going to look like when it's fully installed. You'll have your controls just at your fingertips.This is going to be an all in one cooling system for your RV or trailer. This rooftop AC unit will mount in any RV, enclosed trailer, or anything else that you can cut a 14 and a quarter by a 14 and a quarter inch hole in. You do want to make sure you've got room on top of your trailer as well that it won't contact anything.It's going to measure 24 and seven-eighths inch wide. Thirty-one and three sixteenths inch long and 12 and thirteen-sixteenths inch tall.

As long as you've got clearances and can cut the appropriate hole, it will work on your unit.If you have a smaller unit, one will be sufficient. If you have a larger unit, you can use multiple to adequately cool or heat your unit.There's a collapsible gasket underneath that will tightly seal to your roof to prevent any moisture intrusion and any air leaks. The cover can be removed by loosening the screws on the side. This way the unit can be serviced for the life of your trailer or RV.One of the features that sets this apart from other units is its hard start capacitor. This is going to allow it to store a charge so it can start on lower electricity loads such as a generator.Here, we've got our generator.

We can plug it in and it'll start up just fine. If you're at a camp site that doesn't have its own 20 amp power circuit, you can plug it into your generator. Unlike other AC units, this one will start up just fine every time, whereas other AC units may struggle to start because the generator doesn't have enough output to kick it over.This high output rooftop cooling system has high, medium and low settings, an adjustable temperature knob, and uses the condensation disbursing system to prevent water runoff.An optional heating unit can be added to your rooftop system. This heat strip will allow the optional heat function to work and allow you to heat the cabin of your trailer or RV. It has an adjustable vent to change the direction of air flow.

There's also one located in the front. This comes with both a tilt and direction adjustment.There's a removable air filter that can be cleaned and then re-inserted to make sure your unit stays operating optimally throughout the year. The inner vent unit is about 22 and a half inches long, 21 and a half inches wide and three and a half inches deep to the edge of your knobs.It provides 15,000 BTUs of cooling. This will be sufficient for a small RV or trailer. If you have a larger unit, you can use two of them in conjunction with one another.Here we have Hayden with us.

He has a lot of experience with RVs. So, what do you think about this unit compared to other units Hayden: Well, right away, what I like about it, and I know you already mentioned the starting capacitor, but that really is the coolest thing about this. You're not going to have to worry about any circuit overload with this one. Speaker 1: That is pretty neat. I was looking at some of our other units such as the Atwood and that one doesn't have that. Is there anything else that kind of sets this one apart in your eyes Hayden: Well, the other nice thing about it is you don't have to worry about picking up any additional parts such as, you know, caulk or any sealant because this one comes with it. So, it's a worry free installation. You don't need to worry about picking up anything because you install it and it's sealed right up. Speaker 1: That was nice. Yeah. Torque it right down and we we're good to go. Hayden: Absolutely. Speaker 1: We've gone over some of our operating features. How do you like these compared to other units Hayden: Well, I mean it's pretty basic. It's a standard two knob control system here. Though it doesn't have a remote, the nice thing is you don't have to worry about losing the remote. As far as the knobs, you know, they're rubber coated. They're easy to grip. I mean, it seems like they're going to hold up for a long time. Speaker 1: Yeah. It's a nice simple solution that works just fine. I noticed compared to our Atwood, the Atwood has a sleep timer which could be more convenient. Hayden: Sure. Speaker 1: Yeah. Overall, it works as it should. And that completes our look at the Advent rooftop air conditioning system on our trailer.

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