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Air Lift Union T-Piece Review

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Review of the Air Lift Union T-Piece

Today we're gonna be taking a look at Air Lift's Union T-piece for quarter-inch air lines. And there are two main reasons you may want this unit when installing airbags. You can use it when installing a compressor to tee off and give yourself a manual inflation valve or like we're using it here on this truck to take the left and right side airbags and bring them into one so we can fILL them up simultaneously.We've got ours installed here so our inflation valve is coming out the center of the tee and the two coming off the sides go to both our left and our right side airbags. You may prefer this setup if you just want to quickly air up your airbags simultaneously. Now, you are going to lose the ability to air the up independently from side to side. That's gonna be important if you're trying to adjust for uneven loads.

You may want them to be different on one or the other. But if you're not really using it for uneven load purposes, this is going to make airing them up and deflating them much quicker if you're constantly hooking up and removing the same trailer over and over that doesn't need left and right load leveling.On our Air Lift compressor systems, it already comes with one T-fitting to allow it to air out both bags simultaneously, but if you want to add a manual inflation valve to it, you'll need a second T-fitting here. This can be installed anywhere between your air compressor and airbags in line on any of these quarter-inch airline hoses that's gonna be run. You just simply place it in between and have the center one go out to your manual inflation valve.Now, we'll show you how you connect and disconnect airlines form this fitting. It's a click-connect fitting, so you simply just push them in.

But to release them, the end here actually slides inward, and I'm using a eight millimeter wrench to do this. You just need something that'll push in on both sides. So, it pushes that in evenly and that'll allow it to release, and the hose just simply slides out. To put it in, you simply just push it in. And I like to kind of push it in and pull out a few times to make sure it's fully seated.

And as you can see here, if I'm not pressing in on that collar there at the end, I cannot pull this out. It automatically locks itself in place. And that completes our look at Air Lift's Union T-piece for quarter-inch airlines.

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