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Air Lift WirelessONE Compressor System Review

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Review of the Air Lift WirelessONE Compressor System

Today we're going to be taking a look at Air Lift's WirelessONE Compressor System for Air Helper Springs. This is a wireless air compressor system that can use either the included remote or you can download the app to your smartphone and pair it via Bluetooth to control it as well. The app provides a nicer interface for setting your presets than the remote. But everything can be done with the remote. It's much easier if you use the layout here to adjust up and down and save those settings. Additionally, what I like about the app is in the top left where it tells you the device you're connected to, if you increase or decrease the pressure, it'll give you a pressure readout at the top of how it's going up or down.In your kit, besides the remote, you're also going to get the control unit, and an air compressor.

Both of these can be installed on your frame with the included self-tapping screws. And the wiring harness has everything you need to get it installed and up and running right out of the box. It's a very easy setup to install. You only need a power and ground wire to get it up and running. You'll also receive two T-fittings and additional air line to tap into your air bag system that's pre-installed on your vehicle.

This system has an operating range between five and 100 psi. So you can use the remote or app to adjust that on the fly to match the load that you're currently hauling.What's nice about having three presets is you can adjust those for the loads that you typically haul. The way I've got this one currently set up is I have five pounds on the first setting, which is for our unloaded, normal driving. I've got 20 pounds on the second setting, which is for if I've got a load in the back of the truck, just in the truck bed. And 40 pounds here on our third setting, and that's for if I'm going to hook up a trailer.

And you're going to vary those depending on the weight of your trailer and the loads that you are hauling. To access all three settings on your remote, the single dot is preset one, the double dot is preset two, and to access preset three you'll press both the single and double dot together.And it'll tell you there on the screen which preset you selected. You can also adjust the pressure manually up and down with the remote using the arrows at the top or bottom, or the arrows on your app. Another nice thing about it being wireless is that you don't have to run any wires inside the vehicle because getting things through the dash can be quite difficult, and you don't have to drill any holes or make any modifications. You can simply run it with your app, but you usually have your phone with you all the time.

You can also leave the remote in the vehicle to have it there. And what can be really helpful is that you don't have to be in your vehicle to air it up.You can put a load on the back of your vehicle and adjust the pressure on the fly and watch your vehicle level out. This can be a real easy way to ensure you've got the right pressure in it quickly by just standing back, taking a look at it, and adjusting it until it's level. And that completes our look at Air Lift's WirelessONE Compressor System for Air Helper Springs.

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