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AMPLock Gooseneck Trailer Couplers Set Screw Lock Review

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Review of the AMPLock Gooseneck Trailer Couplers Set Screw Lock

Hey, everybody, welcome to, I'm Bobby, and today we're taking a look at the AMPLock Set Screw Lock for gooseneck couplers here at So guys, this is gonna be a really easy way to go ahead and start securing your gooseneck couplers. Now with any lock, there's always the case of people getting at it, however, this guy is pretty well constructed here. Really like the design of it, it's a sturdy steel construction so you know it's gonna be holding up well. To that end though, I might seeing us need to service this just a little bit, it doesn't say anything about stainless on here. Now, this guy looks stainless to me here on the end.

Now our powder coat finish on the top here, though, it might be E-coated actually looking at it, that might need a little work. If you start seeing a little bit of rust start kind of protruding around your set screws, as you guys already kind of seen here happen, it might require just a little bit of maintenance, however, AMPLock, really well known for how well their locks are built very sturdy and tough, they are gonna be holding up well. And one thing I really like about it is you guys do have those tumbler locks in there, right So it's not gonna be spring-loaded like the other ones out there, gonna take a thief quite a long time to actually get this guy undone. What's cool about it is because of how they're rotating disc work, they get about a million different combinations they say. What's nice about that, you know that your key is gonna be unique to this.

It's not gonna be like the ones where you have 10 keys and out of the 10 cars, you can go ahead and probably get two of them off of there. This one's gonna go ahead and actually secure your set crew which is gonna be awesome. So, it is gonna be just a really easy hookup, the one thing that you might have to do is actually take off your set screw, so we went ahead and just replaced it with the set screw we're given. Now one thing you could do, take off this washer, put it on your existing one, the only reason we busted ours off here today is this nut right here actually wouldn't fit inside our mechanism, so we went ahead and put our new screw in with our new washer, let's go ahead and see how we get this installed. Well, we're gonna go ahead and start with this in the unlocked position, we're gonna show you guys just a little things about it.

Really easy to do, all you have to do, insert your key obviously, turn it, and that's gonna allow this cylinder to drop, and that's gonna actually allow this to come apart. Before that though, our pin is actually holding us in, so, even when your locking mechanism isn't this, isn't engaged, you guys can see this isn't gonna be falling out. So, for some reason, if you guys forget the lock it or whatever, you're not gonna have this falling off your gooseneck which is great, as long, of course, as your pin is in place. So we'll go ahead and take that guy out and maybe give you guys a little look right here. Maybe there with that light beam or maybe you guys can see where we have, make sure my cylinder is all the way out, where our latch actually is.

So there we go, you guys might be able to see that little thing right there. That's actually withholding this in, keeping that from coming undone. But now that it's done done, we actually can go ahead and set it on our set screw here. So, we went ahead and actually put our new set screw in here today. The reason for that, you guys can see the nut on this guy, the holding nut here definitely larger than our washer insert is gonna be for our holder of our AMPLock, so we went ahead and put ours in. You could maybe just put your washer on your set screw if you wanted. Now, this is a decent set screw, it's kinda funny, this block here is actually larger than this one and they're working out pretty a-okay for us here today, but you guys can see how this is going to latch on. We simply walk this right up, our washer is gonna sit in that position while the head of our bolt does as well, and then I just simply take our top portion here and bring it into line. Just like that, we're nice and secure, we can go ahead and replace our cotter pin here to make sure that way it doesn't fall out, and then I can simply, if we really wanted to, all we have to do guys, which is kind of cool. We maybe need our key, we can just slot it in and we're nice and secure. That's not coming undone and when there we go, we got our lock in place there holding us in, which is really nice. I like the little dust cap they come with it too, the rubber feels like it's gonna be holding up well, I don't think it's gonna cracking anytime soon. Like I said, AMPLock is just known for producing quality material, right There kind of in the brand name in the lock business so it's kinda nice to see them still put an effort on those as rubber taps, making sure we don't have any debris or anything that's gonna be impacting those locks and not making it work well. Now, of course, we have it nice and installed, you guys can see, this is gonna do a great job making sure that our set screws aren't gonna be messed with. Now, if any thief is determined enough, no lock is safe of course. It is gonna be a great deterrence though from anybody messing with it, but the best thing we can do is actually going ahead and giving ourselves multiple steps to actually mess with our gooseneck coupler. One thing I highly recommend is gonna be this InfiniteRule Hitch Lock here for your gooseneck steel four inch tubes. This is gonna be a great little way of course of, again, securing us, so if they do mess with this guy, they get another lock. And the biggest thing that we can say, go ahead and grab yourself an actual coupler latch here, a locking latch, that can prevent anybody from hooking up so you'd use that coupler 'cause it's great if it's staying here. We don't want our Pegasus, or any of our other gooseneck walking away, however, somebody has to hook up here and take our whole trailer then all of our locks would be their locks and not doing us any good either. So, highly recommend looking at getting some other kind of locking mechanisms as well to really complete the package and make sure you're nice and secure. Overall though, guys, I am impressed, I always am with AMPLock. We've tried out a couple of their other locks and they always seem to hold up really, really well. And I really like how this is simple and easy just to go ahead and throw on my set screw, and I'm not gonna have any trouble with people messing with it, which is definitely great, and to stay in that position that I want it in. Overall though, guys, I think that that about does it for our look at the AMPLock Set Screw Lock here for gooseneck couplers at, I'm Bobby, thank you for watching..

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