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Lippert Power Stance Electric Trailer Jack Review and Installation

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Review and How to Install the Lippert Power Stance Electric Trailer Jack

What's up everybody. It's AJ with Today, we're gonna be checking out the Lippert Power Stance Power Jack. So this is gonna be great for helping you get your trailer attached to your truck where you don't have to manually do anything up here. Now, it does have that option if you do run out of power but it also has two different power options. You can have it run through your battery all times.

That way you have onboard power right here on your trailer but if your trailer doesn't have it like ours, you can just plug it straight up into your 7-pole and then use the power from there. Either way, you're gonna be able to use your jack and get your trailer hooked up or unhooked on the way. Let's check it out. It's really easy to operate. You have the button here.

It's a nice big button with the text on there. Let you know which end's which, retract or extend. Retract is gonna bring the jack up which means lower the trailer. Extend is gonna drop the jack down which brings the trailer up. You have a nice LED light here too.

So if it's not daytime and you're trying to use at night, you can still see the button and see which side you need to push. Right underneath the button is where you plug in your 7-pole. You're just gonna plug in this end here and I'll make sure you do that first before you plug it into your vehicle. Then you can just run the other end the 7-pole on your vehicle. Once you've unplugged your 7-pole, if you're not gonna use it, it does have a rubber cover and it just keeps dust and gunk and stuff out of there.

That way it's nice and clean when you got to use it. We come down here, there's some other extra features that they offer. There's a place to hold your 7-pole from your trailer, so it's not just hanging around here. You don't have to just throw it back towards the trailer. Actually stores up in the jack which is kind of a cool thing that they added on there. That's the same thing with the safety chain loop. When they're not being used and you don't have them hook up to your truck, you don't have to just leave them down on the ground. Let's say, you're in the mud or something like that. You want to just throw them in there and then you have to deal with it in your hands. You can actually just clip them on this loop here. They're up and out of the way and free of you either connecting or disconnecting your trailer. Something else I'd wanna say is make sure that just in case you have no power from the trailer, let's say the battery dead, and for a reason, the 7-pole and your truck messed up. Can I still use this jack Well, it does have the manual override here on the top and it comes with the tool. This fits right on there just like that. And then you can manually lower that jack or retract it. Something I noticed though is it's not hard to operate manually either. Sometimes you get these jacks who use, the automatic ones or the manual ones, that takes quite a big hit to get that turn and get that going either way but this one is pretty easy. It's really effortless. The handle also spins here. Its got a cover so you're not just having a metal bar that you have to keep adjusting your grip This spins and I think it allows you just to get quicker turns out of it. That way you can just get this done. Also comes with a foot plate. That way it gives you more of a footprint when you're going ahead and lowering that. That'll give you more traction and put you on even more even ground. And that way you don't have to worry about it sliding or moving around on you. And the bottom part, I have a steel construction. This has a black powder coat finish on the top and the bottom side does not but it can still hold up to the elements just fine. You don't have to worry about wind or snow or rain or anything like that. It's not gonna bother it. I got a hardened plastic chair top You can see it's not like a loose plastic. so when I knock on it, there's not a bunch of vibration or movement here. It's pretty solid I think you can hear that pretty well. So you don't have to worry about this having any issues either. I'll check out some measurements. We're gonna go from the bottom of this plate here to the bottom of the foot plate and this gonna be in its most retracted state. It looks like we're about at 10 and 3/4 inches. Now I've got lifted up in the highest position. Let's see what that measures that. We're gonna do the same thing from the bottom of the foot plate to the bottom of this plate right here. Looks it'd be about 28 and 3/4. So that's gonna give you 18 inches of lift The power stance has a weight capacity of 3,500 pounds. So, just keep that in mind when you're loading up your trailer. That's as much as it can handle. With 1000 pounds on this trailer, I can say that it goes. Takes 47.2 seconds to extend six inches and then it's gonna take 43.5 seconds to retract six inches. So, if you're somebody that's gonna be using your trailer a whole bunch and hooking up a bunch of different vehicles, its gonna take some time. It's not the fastest jack we have. There's definitely out ones out there that are way quicker. So if that's something you're looking for, that's gonna eliminate it right away. Are we looking at different jack just because you need speed to hook up to different trailers, different truck heights and stuff like that, this isn't the one for you. But if you're fine with how long it takes to do this, I mean you're not really gonna extend it all the way out or retract it all the way out every time, chances are you're gonna get a little bit up off the ball mount here and drive away and pull right back the next time. So really, it won't take that long just to get on there. You'll just be happy not to have to hand crank it and you can use your onboard power or your 7-pole on your vehicle. It works really well, but how hard is it to install It actually didn't take us much time at all to removed the old jack and install this one. It's just three bolts. Follow along how we did it. We went ahead and removed the old jack. Then we just gonna slide right into place here. You see the holes line up just fine and I'm just gonna go and drop them in and hand tighten them. After tightening down the included hardware on top, we're ready to add our foot plate here at the bottom. Just slide into place and line up those holes. You run that pin through and then we'll let it clip. That's gonna hold it in place. Next up is gonna be the wiring. Now you're gonna have two ways to do this. I'm gonna run this to the battery that way you always have onboard power and this can be used if something happens to that battery, you can hook it up to your truck. We're not gonna hook this one up today. We don't have a battery for this trailer but we're gonna run the 7-pole to the truck and get power that way. Now, we're ready to hook it up to our truck. Just put a 7-pole on here. Make sure you always plug it in to the jack first and then plug it into your power supply. Make sure the tab is at the right place here. It looks like it needs to be at the bottom. You just plug it in, push it into place. You should have power We got power so now we can lower our trailer down onto our ball mount. I think that about does it. Thanks for hanging out and I hope this helps..

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