Aries Automotive Seat Defender Cargo Area Protector Review

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Review of the Aries Automotive Seat Defender Cargo Area Protector

Zach: Hey guys, Zach here at Today, I'm going to be showing you the Aries Automotive Seat Defender Cargo Area Protector. This is going to be a really quick and easy way to get some protection down on your cargo area. Whether it's an SUV or a trunk of a car, it's going to be quick solution. It's going to be pretty universal. It's going to be 60 inches wide by 60 inches long.

So it's going to work out great for a lot of different applications. We see here in the back of our smaller SUV, it's more than enough just to cover the cargo area. And it's going to be a nice water resistant material that's going to keep water from seeping down into your carpet, but also has a really nice rubber coated bottom that's going to hold in place. So you're not going to have to worry about it bunching up on itself or shifting around with your items. So I'm going to fold my back seats down to just give you an idea of how much this is going to cover.

Let's get this covered up.And that's going to be pretty good coverage. This isn't the biggest SUV in the world. This is a Hyundai Santa Fe, and it is going to give me full coverage side to side. And since it's 60 by 60, it doesn't matter which direction you have it facing. It's going to be the same way in coverage, but it's going to give us pretty solid coverage all the way through.

I think this is going to be great for any time you're moving around your dirty items, whether you've been out in the mud, or using work tools that are going to have a bunch of stuff all over them. It's going to hold up well against abrasions. I think it's going to be really nice if you're transporting pets, especially if you've got the backseat up. It's going to do a job of keeping all that pet hair just to this surface. And then when it's time to take it out, we can just completely remove it, and we can fold it up pretty easily.And then whether it's a car's trunk or an SUV, if you've got a little cargo area, just stash it away and it's ready to use it until next time.

Something I really like about this is that waterproof polyester. So I am constantly throwing wet stuff from swimming. And you can see if you spill something back there, if a cooler leaks, or you throw a bunch of wet gear from wherever you're at, it just pools up. It's really nice. And it's not going to seep through. You can see on the backside, it's got that really nice rubber coating that's going to really grip well against your carpet, and that is not seeping through in those spots. And if you get this muddy, or you get it really greasy or dirty, you can hose it off. It's totally fine. Hose it off like that. Or wipe it down with a rag.It's also machine washable, which is really nice. I probably wouldn't throw it in the dryer. I would just let it air dry because of that rubber, but it's going to hold up really well. Something I would compare this to is the etrailer Cargo Area Protector. I like the material of the Aries one a little bit better. I think it's going to hold up, especially with like dogs, and throwing kind of metal stuff on here. But the etrailer one really has a nice option where you can take the top part of it and hook it around the headrest of the back row in an SUV, and it protects the carpet area on the back of the seat. So especially with dogs, you don't have to worry about pet hair getting into the back carpet area. With this one, it's just a simple cloth that you're going to drape down like a blanket.Speaking of blankets, this also is going to work well for using as a picnic blanket. It's going to, with the material that you can use it for, Aries also says that it's works out really well for using this to service your vehicle. I think if you ever have car trouble, or you need to put on snow tire chains, it would be something that's nice that you can put down to put those on because those are a pain in the butt to put on in the snow. So something that I like to use my cargo protector area for is, anytime I go and pick stuff up at the hardware store, to see that it's going to hold in place. And it does a really nice job. I mean, that's a grinder and it's not tearing it all. I'm not putting a lot of pressure on it, but you're not going to either.You can see I threw the brick in here and this bag of salt, it's holding it in place nicely. But overall, I think this is a really nice, quick and easy universal application. I really like the material. I think it's pretty heavy-duty. I think it's going to hold up to most use, especially just in the cargo area. But I think you'll be pretty happy with it. And that'll do it for a look at the Aries Seat Defender Cargo Area Protector.

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