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Atwood AMPlock Padlock Review

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Review of the Atwood AMPlock Padlock

Today we're going to be taking a look at the Atwood AMPlock padlock. It's part number is AT89018. The AMPlock lock series really offers us maximum security. The case of the lock, this is a hardened stainless steel so it's virtually shatterproof. The shackle's a heavy-duty steel material. It's been hardened, then they coat it with copper.

This is going to give us a very durable shackle that's also corrosion resistant just like the body of the lock. Inside, they use a rotating disc style tumbler. There's millions of different key options there available so you never have to worry about somebody else having your style key. Another great feature of the lock, while it will go in and out, it's not going to lock fully until our key has been removed. Once out, it's locked and we're ready to have our gear secured. It's one of the smoothest lock tumblers I felt with that rotating disc style, it makes it really nice to operate. Then, if you look here at the bottom, they've got the hardened disc or hardened washer there.

That prevents drilling into the lock so while it's bump proof, pick resistant, it's also going to be tamper proof because of the hardened washer's not going to allow the drill bits to get into our tumbler. It offers a quarter inch shackle, as you can see here. I really like the length of it because it helps out in a lot of different applications if you've got several cables that you want to put on, maybe you're securing several different bikes or something. In our case here, slides perfectly through the coupler lever on our trailer. That way we can secure it to our vehicle, we won't have to worry about it going anywhere or also if we're not secured to our vehicle, it will keep it from being hooked up to any other types of vehicle. Another great feature is until we've got our lock fully secured, we're not going to be able to remove that key as you can see. We have to have it in the locked position to pull that out and that's going to prevent us from accidentally locking our keys in our trailer.

Another great feature, you're going to have a single lock body and two precision cut keys so you can have one tucked away in a safe spot in case you lose the other. Now that we've seen how it works, that's going to complete today's look at the Atwood AMPlock padlock, part number AT89018. .