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Atwood AMPlock Padlocks Review

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Review of the Atwood AMPlock PadLocks

Today, we're going to be taking a look at the Atwood AMPlock Padlocks. This is the two pack, they are keyed alike, part number is AT89019. The Atwood locks really provide us with maximum security. These two accents is going to include you two locks and also four keys. Now the keys, they have a unique style, something that really can't be recreated or reproduced. As you can see, this uses a rotating disc style tumbler, so it's really going to provide us with that maximum security, makes it very, very hard to bump, very hard to pick, and they'd even provided a hardened washer, right here in the bottom that is very thick, and that prevents drilling into the lock cork itself to help prevent tampering. The body of the lock, this is going to be a hardened, stainless steel.

This is going to be a shattered proof material, so we won't have to worry about somebody coming up and smashing it. The shackle itself, this is going to be a hardened steel with the chrome plating, so great corrosion resistant out of both of our materials here and great security. The locking mechanism itself is one of the smoothest I felt. You don't really feel the catches and the binds in there as you rotate in it. It's really nice. The other great features, if the shackle open, the key can't be removed.

I don't going to have to worry about locking the keys inside of our trailer, whatever it else it is that we're going to secure. The key back in place will rotate it. What we're doing today, to simulate this, we're going to lock up the back of the trailer just using our one lock here. This side of the door locks is going to be virtually impossible for them to get it open. Another great thing about these locks, the quarter inch shackle works perfectly for locking down our latches on our trailers, and it provides security keeping this trailer attached to our truck or keeping it from being attached to any the other truck. Now the we've seen how they work and what they're made of, that will complete today's look at the Atwood AMPlock Padlocks, part number AT89019 in the two pack.