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B and W Tow & Stow Ball Mount Clevis Adapter Review

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Review of the B and W Tow & Stow Ball Mount Clevis Adapter

Hey guys, it's Jake here with etrailer. Today, we're going to be taking a look at the clevis adapter for B&W tow & stow ball mounts. T.his is going to make your tow & stow ball mounts compatible with those trailers that might have a clevis-style tongue on the end of them. Now here we have our clevis adapter on a B&W tow & stow with a two and a half in shank. It's also going to be available for the two inch shank and the three inch shank.Now you can see here, B&W has a very clean design. It's going to mount the exact same way as our ball does with two pins up here on the top.

Now I want to explain, the pin holes that it's going to cover, is three pin holes, the exact same as our ball. So you want to make sure you at least have a five inch drop to be able to leave the ball mount on the ball mount itself.So if you do not have a five inch drop, you're going to have to remove the ball off your ball mount from the back. There's a slot on the back to where you can; you want to remove your ball mount from your hitch, and you can slide this off so that you can use your clevis adapter.Now, the best thing in my personal opinion about this clevis adapter is that it's going to utilize the ball mount that you already have with the tow & stow ball mounts, you already know that it has the adjustable holes on the outside. It's going to use a two pin system to lock your clevis adapter into place.We'll go ahead and show you how it adjusts. Let's take our pin out; pull these two snap pins.

And now you can see, we can adjust the height of our clevis adapter to adapt to those trailers with different tongue heights. And when you're not using it, you can simply remove it, and stow it in the bed of your truck.As B&W always does, they're going to have a nice, sturdy, thick steel construction for the adapter. And it's going to have the same black powder coat finish as your ball mount does to help resist against rust and corrosion with frequent use.The maximum gross weight rating is going to be 14,500 pounds. The maximum tongue weight is going to be 1,450 pounds. Now you want to make sure you check with the owner's manual of your vehicle to make sure you never exceed the weight limit of the tow vehicle.

It's also going to feature an inch and one eighth pin hole, and you want to make sure, just to double-check, to make sure that either the pinholes are going to match, or you have a correct size pin that's going to fit the holes in your clevis coupler, and in this hole here on your new adapter.Now, if you're anything like me, during the winter time, you always want to have a shackle in your truck and a tow strap to able to help those fellow neighbors and family members out of the snow. So this is going to work great with many different shackles. Again, as long as you're following that inch and one eighth diameter hole, you're going to be able to hook your shackle up and put your tow strap in and be able to get those people out of a bind.Not only is this going to be a better and safer way to pull somebody out of a bind, it's not going to put the unneeded stress on your ball of your ball mount, to be able to pull them out. It's going to pull it out with the correct geometry pulling directly straight back from your hitch, the way it's designed.And another hidden feature about this adapter is that B&W still made it able to stow the exact same way your ball does on your ball mount. You just flip it around, and it's tucked back underneath your hitch; and you get, still, that nice clean look when you're heading down the road and you're not using either of your ball mounts.One thing I would recommend is picking up a locking pin for your adapter.

Because it is removable, your ball mount, on the other hand, you can not take the ball off of it without having removing the hitch, whereas the adapter you can. So I would recommend that locking pin.Well guys, with all that being said, I hope that you enjoyed this review of the B&W clevis adapter for your tow & stow ball mount..

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