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B and W Extend-A-Goose Gooseneck Coupler Review

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Review of the B and W Extend-A-Goose Gooseneck Coupler

Randy: Hey guys, Randy here at Today we're taking a look at the Extend-A-Goose from B&W.Now, this is going to solve a lot of problems that people have, maybe not necessarily in a V-nose trailer like this, but on the flat front or wider V nose, of the side of your trailer wanting to come up and make contact with your cab. This is going to allow us to move our connection point forward 10" as that gives us a lot more space between our trailer and the cab of our truck.The thing I like about this particular setup is that we're not moving the weight rearward on our truck. All of the weight is still going to be right down on top of our ball where we want it. That's going to give us great handling characteristics in our truck, and it's going to make sure we're not putting excess wear and tear on it. And when that truck and trailer in close proximity, without this, it can cost you a lot of money in trailer and truck repairs and also cost you some pride.

Sometimes people forget they're trying to make that last final turn, and they're trying to get their wheel turned enough and they're not watching that corner. They don't have anybody watching that corner. You wind up crushing the cab or the back glass, and it's just not ideal.Something else we appreciate about this is, is that it is lockable, So we can stick a padlock through there and prevent that handle from being moved. When we're ready to disconnect or connect, we'll lift up and rotate that out. It's going to get our handle locked in the outright position.

We'll move that back, drop it down on the ball, push it back forward, and release our handle.The quality of construction is really, really good here. The welds are perfect in every spot. They've been cleaned up really well, and that gray powder coat finish is one of the most durable we run into here at etrailer. The gray powder coat finish is also something B&W is known for, so people will know you're using a really good coupler. You can see the plate down here that catches it.

It is really thick, thicker than most that I've seen. Overall, I think if you're looking for top notch quality, this is going to be the coupler you want to look for.Now, as far as tongue weight does, the offset coupler can go up to 6,000 pounds. That's the maximum downward force we want to put on the truck, and it has a 24,000 pound gross trailer weight rating. It's going to be the total weight of your trailer and anything that you have loaded up on it. That's going to cover a lot of situations.

If you need to exceed that, we do have some higher capacity couplers. You just might not get the offset that you're looking for here, so just keep that in mind. Another thing to keep in mind, never exceed the capacity of your truck. Just because your coupler can do it doesn't mean your truck can, so check that owner's manual.Now, as far as the installation goes we're going to show you in a minute. There's a series of holes and they're offset just a little bit. That allows us to use this coupler in the straight pin or that tilted pin configuration and still keep the head running straight. Although if you want those incremental adjustments, they're going to be closer to 2" then, if you want to keep everything straight and in line. You'll see as we connect too the bevel here is really helpful. It's tough to get your ball dead center underneath here. Everybody knows that. As you drop it down and on, as that weight applies pressure, it's going to slip right in there for you, make it a really easy thing to connect to. Then we just get it locked up and head on down the road.Now, in my opinion, this is going to be an excellent solution. I like the fact that it's on the trailer. We don't have to switch it out back and forth. Overall, if you ask my opinion, if I needed an offset like this to get some separation, I'd definitely go with this one.Now, the 8" of adjustment is really nice. It's kind of in line with a lot of the other couplers that we have, but something you'll notice on the B&W compared to competitors is that we've got a hole every inch along the way. Most of these are going to be separated closer to like 2, 2-1/2, 2-11/16 on your spacing, so this is going to allow us to fine-tune this one a little bit more than what we have with some of the other ones.Now to get it installed you'll need your old coupler removed, of course. We'll bring this one dine, line it up with our tube, and we'll begin to slide that up and in. Now, as we do this, we want the bottom of our coupler to match pretty close to where our old coupler was. We'll slide through a 3/4" pin, standard gooseneck pin. The pin's not included, so be sure to either retain your old one or purchase a new one.Once we've got that in place, we're going to run our hex bolt down. Now we're going to use a torque wrench for this. You want to torque it down to the appropriate specification. Once we've got that set, it's time to move onto the jam nut. Now both of these are going to use 1-1/8". Yours might be a little different, but generally it's going to be 1-1/8". Bring that down so it makes contact, and we'll put some torque on it there just to ensure that that bolt's not going to back out on us.To make our connection, of course, we'll want our coupler to be unlocked. We're going to lower it down, and that beveled edge we talked about earlier, even if we're not dead on center with it, it's going to help guide it in and make sure we can make our connection. Once that's down, we've got our jack stored. Just want to come in, release our handle, move our plate forward. Make the rest of your connections. You're going to be ready to hit the road.

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