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B and W Patriot 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch with Slider Review

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Review of the B and W Patriot 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch with Slider

Today we're going to be taking a look at the B&W Patriot fifth wheel trailer hitch with slider. With an 18,000 pound capacity, the part number is BWRVK3270. Now the need for a sliding system like the Patriot is going to come up when you're trying to haul a camper with a short bed truck. It's just not feasible to navigate around with the limited maneuverability you'll have before they camper wants to make contact with the cab of the truck. With the Patriot system, it's able to move a full 12" from the towing position back into the maneuvering position. This is going to allow us the extra room we need from the front of the camper to the rear of our cab to help us navigate through the campsites, parking lots, things like that. When it's time to haul back down the road, release that lever once again.

As we back up towards our camper, it will bring it forward into the towing position. Now the Patriot's going to offer a 4,500 pound vertical load limit. That's the maximum downward force that we can put here on top. It gives us an 18,000 pound gross trailer weight rating. That's going to be the total weight of your trailer and anything that you might have loaded in it. Now unlike the traditional styles of fifth wheels which typically just use the single bar across the back of the kingpin, or maybe just a single jaw that would come around and make contact in the back, the B&W offers a 360-degree contact point. It grabs that kingpin all the way around, which really helps to reduce any of the movement and play we get here, which eventually leads to noise. Now the dual jaws are very sturdy.

They're designed with 3/4" thick material. These are designed to really hold up for a long time and a lot of mileage without getting any kind of looseness in here. Another nice touch with the Patriot system is going to be the gray powder coat finish. Usually you'll see the black. It really helps it stand out and sets it apart from other systems we see out there. B&W of course is made 100% right here in the United States with American steel, so it's a good product that has a good fit and finish to it. Now when installing our Patriot, we want to drop the tabs that stick down off the bottom they're going to have holes located in them in the appropriate slots in our rails.

Now nice thing about the Patriot is it is designed to work with many styles of rails, so you don't have to have a B&W rail kit to use the Patriot. This is going to work out with Reese, Pro Series, Valley, CURT, Draw-Tite, any of the standard rail kits out there. You can see that's going to drop in nicely. You'll notice that our head has been removed. Typically this is going to be easier to put on in two parts rather than lifting the whole thing, but that's up to you. Now at each point in which that tab goes down through our rails, we're going to have provided pins.

We're going to slide those through, secure them on the other side with our clip. We'll do that at all four corners to keep our fifth wheel and our slider secure. Now here are the arms that come up from the base that our head sits down on. As you can see, we've got polyurethane bushings on both of those. That's really going to eliminate a lot of the noise typically associated with fifth wheels. Now the arms that the head sits on are adjustable up and down. You can see there's four bolts that hold each one in place. We're going to have three adjustment points. We can start where we've got it now, at the low setting. It's going to put our head about 17" over the top of our bed. We can bring that up to 18" or up to 19". The arms can also be removed. In a short bed you kind of want them in this configuration to where the more angled portion is forward. That's going to get us back just a little bit further from the cab. With these rotated, you can bring our connection point forward or back to allow us to get our head sitting nicely just ahead of our axle. Now we'll bring our head in and we'll lift on the two release handles. Allow that to slide down in position. Then when we release our handles, that holds our head into place. When it's time to remove it from the truck, of course you're going to pull your pins. If you decide to detach the head, you simply pull up on the two handles to release it, set that aside, take care of the base. Now when detaching even on uneven terrain, the head of the Patriot really helps to make that a pretty easy process. It has a pivot point not only left and right but back and forth. If we are on, again, slightly uneven terrain, which tends to be the hardest point when you're unhooking on a standard fifth wheel, this is taking that into account. It does have a little bit of motion there to help get that disconnected. See, to release our dual jaws we want to remove our pin, move our arm into that forward position. Then, as we back into our trailer, these are going to be pushed where they come back into that closed position. That allows those dual jaws to come around and fully engage our kingpin. Now when uncoupling from your trailer, you'll see that there's a hole designed right in the top of the head. That allows us to put our pin in there. That will prevent that arm from coming back into the locked position, giving us a very nice, easy disconnection. Now as an added benefit, if you decide not to use just the pin with the retainer to hold your camper in place, you can use a padlock with a 5/16" shank. That will go right down through there and that will actually allow you to lock your camper to your truck. That will complete our look at the B&W Patriot fifth wheel with slider, part number BWRVK3270.

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Most appreciate the previous response from your rep suggesting this hitch. A question exists while watching video. I have a 50 gallon transflow tank mounted behind cab and am concerned about the amount of travel needed when moving the release handle forward to disconnect. Am concerned about being restricted from total release. A response would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Etrailer Expert
Reply from Jon G.

I reached out to my contact at B&W and she said that the release handle on the head of the B&W Patriot # BWRVK3270 will extend about 5" past that forward-most rail. If you check out some of the customer photos on the product page you can see that a handful of people keep stuff (and toolboxes) in front of the Patriot and they seem to be just fine.

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